Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10 Sharing in 2009

It is the last day of year 2009. Over the year, there were plenty of happenings around me which I shared it out in this blog. Now is time to reveal them back in this edition of Top 10 Sharing in 2009.

1. Flood On 6th Day of CNY
Frequent flood occurred in Sibu in the year 2009 resulted from the shallowed Rejang river bank but denied by some local politicians. The highlight of the flood was on the 6th day of Chinese New Year.

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2. A Short Trip To Batang Ai
Just happened to have chance to visit this place, a tourists attraction point in Sarawak near the small town of Lubok Antu and also one of the hydroelectric power plant in Sarawak. Due to the time constraint, it was just a short visit, but the mountain water and its surroundings were absolutely impressive!

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3. My First Working Trip
This was my first working attachment in KL for a period of 2 months. Is a good experience in my life with the good hospitality from colleagues in KL office and also my siblings. Staying at Savannah Condo near Bukit Jalil and it was a hectic routine travel to and fro office and staying place everyday.

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4. Hunting For GT Girls!
Being in KL during F1 Malaysia Grand Prix season was a great experience. Besides had chance to see various kind of branding promotion going on, F1 cars were displayed to the public at major shopping complexes. The most important thing is - if there are cool cars, there will be pretty girls around! I walked from The Pavillion till Suria KLCC to hunt down these so called GT girls just for to take nice shots on these hot girls for the view of Just Sharing readers!

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5. Pretty Show Girls At PC Fair @ KL Convention Center
PC fair in KL is not just about a fair to promote or sell the latest information and telecommunication technology. It is also an occasion where pretty and hot show girls gathered as a method to attract visitors to the branding and products they represent. Despite crowded, I successfully sneaked through the crowds and snapped the photos of these show girls just for Just Sharing "buaya" readers! That was the first experience pretty girls willing to post in front of my compact camera with sweet and heart-melting smiles!

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6. Half Day Trip to Sg Klah Hot Springs Park
Sg. Klah Hot Springs Park is a tourism spot in the state of Perak. During my working attachment, I had a chance to visit to this place. It was on holiday time so the place was crowded. Soaking the legs inside the natural hot warm ground water was a new experience to me and it helped in blood circulation. A nie place to visit.

7. Lake Fishing @ Three Pillars Farm
Three Pillars Farm is a local lake fishing attraction venue in Sibu. I am not a fishing enthusiast, I just happened to went there with bunch of friends who would like to experience the fun of fishing. A lot of funny and interesting things happened in this first fishing experience. Although we went back with empty hands, but all of us enjoyed the process.

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8. A Short Visit to Memoryland!
Attended university roommate's wedding reception in Kuching. Had a great reunion with few buddies which we used to share our study life together during those years. Had a chance to revisit our memoryland - UNIMAS old campus which we spent 3 years of our life there and left us with a lot of sweet memories. These memories will remain in our heart forever!

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9. 1st Borneo Lantern Festival
It was the first ever lantern festival being organized in Sibu. Approximately 7000 lanterns being hung high above the street. When the light was switched on at night, the view was pretty impressive! The lanterns had been arranged in such a way that it symbolized a dragon flying across Sibu's sky, where the dragon head was located at Tua Pek Kong Temple and the tail at Sibu Gateway.

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10. Sibu BASE Jump 2009 @ Wisma Sanyan
It was the first ever event of its kind organized by the local council where the jumpers came from all around the world. The world record holder of the most best jump done in 24 hours Mr. Gary Cunningham also took part in this event. Watching a human jumped from top of the tallest building of Sarawak was a heart-beating experience. Comments left by the foreign jumpers in this blog are certainly encouraging!

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So, year 2009 is going to be ended and we will welcome the coming of year 2010. Happy New Year to everyone and hope we all have a blessed year ahead!


  1. Wen,

    Your top 10 post summary is indeed a very good one!

    Your big sister here in KL has been your fan, trying to read every single post without missing out any single post..and will continue to do it in this new year... keep it up!!

    cheers and love,

  2. Thanks dajie! That'll be the encouragement to keep me continue updating this blog but predicted the number of posts will be lessen than previous years as I almost out of topics to share about. ;p

    Anyway, I will try my best and if I have anything nice to tell, I will never hesitate to share it in this blog! ;)

    Happy 2010 everyone!


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