Saturday, January 31, 2009

Flood On 6th Day of CNY

Oh NO! Sibu flooded again and this time is on the 6th day of Chinese New Year! In fact, there were floods from the 1st day of CNY till today, but today one is the "highlight"!

Major roads were quite heavily flooded and caused serious traffic jam especially at Brooke Drive and Kampung Nyabor area. Luckily today is Saturday and some companies are off this day, otherwise the jam will be even worse!

[Flood causing serious traffic jam @ Jalan Kampung Nyabor]

[Flood scene @ Jalan Kampung Nyabor]

[Some shops were flooded and couldn't do business]

As I told in the previous post titled "Oh No! Flood!", the major cause of frequent flooding in Sibu nowadays is the shallowed riverbed of Rejang river resulted from illegal logging upstream. The yellowish water covered the roads are from overflowed Rejang river. This is a fact!

[A view of Rejang river - main cause of frequent flooding in Sibu]

Yet, local politicians refused to believe the fact and don't want to open tender for riverbed clearing. Everytime when serious flood occur, they will tell the press that they already acquired millions worth of allocation and efforts will be taken to solve this problems.

[My former primary school will never escape from flood because of its geographical location]

However, not much improvement we can see until today. Yet, Sibu people need to bear the consequences of the shallowing riverbed of Rejang river. Can you imagine one day you drive out from your house, then when you are at a one-way road and you notice that the road is flooded but you can't make a u-turn back? Will you just stop your car or continue your journey? If you continue, you will be having risks such as missing car plate number or the worst case, your car engine died at the center of the flooded road!

[Flood in front of Sarawak House]

I guess those politicians never worry about this, because they are sitting in big car and staying in big house with the house compound properly cemented few inches above the road level. But do they ever think of those poorer facing the water overflowed into the house and caused furniture damage? Who gonna bear their loses? Come on!!!

[Flood at Foochow Lane - over the knee]

Flooding in Sibu is a very serious issue that all Sibu people are facing today. I know sometimes we cannot against mother nature, but I am sure some prevention can be carried out in short term to lower the frequency of flooding in Sibu such as proper drainage management and Rejang riverbed clearing thus give back the peaceful day to the people of Sibu!

Here are some random flooding photos to share:

[Daesim Mart staffs were busy building temporary "bridge" for pedestrian.]

[Bomba building never escaped from flood]

[Random flood scene]

[Random flood scene near Sarawak House]

[Random flood scene @ Jalan Khoo Peng Long]

[Can you differentiate where is land and where is river?]

[Taking photo in the river?]

[Walking on the river?]

[Riding motorcycle in the flood]

[I am not the only person in Sibu taking flooding photo! ;p]

[Did you notice anything strange about the wharf?]

[Eating kampua between the flood - ever try before?]

[No! The shop is flooded! Somebody help!]

[Temporary bridge near Daesim Mart]

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