Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fun At Jacky's Wedding @ Paramount Hotel

Oppss! Makan again? Yes, but this time is not about dinner, it was a lunch on my colleague Jacky's wedding with Kelly, my ex-colleague at Paramount Hotel Sibu.

[Jacky & Kelly]

[The Stage]

[Bride, bridegroom and family's table presentation]

[Normal table presentation - a bit not up-to-standard for a hotel]

It was so good to have wedding lunch especially during working day (Don't tell my boss about this!). You see, you can go out for lunch earlier than usual and you can have longer break! I guess this is what most white collar workers' favorite especially those "snake-catchers"! You can find any acceptable excuses to maximize your break time e.g. Traffic jam, missing on the way back to office, hard to find parking space, helping a snake crossing the road, etc etc.

Anyway, be careful your boss maybe smarter than you and they can predict your trick. So, please choose and use the excuses wisely. Please don't use stupid excuse like I was catching a snake or else your boss will really ask you go back home for good so that you can continue catching your snakes!

[View inside the hall and the crowd]

The lunch suppose to start at 12 noon but as usual, not all people used to be on time. When the first dish was presented, it was about 12.30pm. I guess all my colleagues including me were too hungry that's why all dishes totally cleared up in a short moment after they had been placed on our table. Wah! Look like people in this office are all big eaters! I have prove (Refer to photo below)!

[Cold plate combination]

The lunch was a very short one. Usually a wedding lunch will only end after one and a half to 2 hours, but this one, after one hour, the hotel staffs started to give away wet tissues from table to table which indicate it was going to end soon! We all stunned and started to count how many dishes already being served. After some discussion, we made conclusion that all 7 dishes were inside our stomach already!

[Before: Deep fried fish & After: Very empty plate]

[Before: A piece of wedding cake & After: Now you see now you don't!]

[Before: Mushroom and broccoli & After: Sauces only can be cleared with tongue licking ]

[Before: Hot and sour prawns & After: 2 pieces of decorated orange plus some sauces ]

[Before: Sweet dessert & After: 8 tiny raisins]

[Before: Mixed fruits & After: 5 water melon seeds ]

This is the shortest wedding banquet I ever attended. Indirectly it destroyed our dream to maximize our break time. ;p I am not sure why the hotel was in the hurry, unlikely there will be another lunch after this one. Perhaps they were planning to buy new year clothes after the lunch!

[The only left-over]

Jacky is my colleague for more than 3 years. Since the office moved to the new building, he used to sit beside my table while Kelly was once our company's admin clerk. Both of them started the love sparks from the old office where we all noticed about that and finally they are official husband and wife. All of us in the office felt happy for them and hope that their marriage is blessed and happy ever and forever!

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