Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My 2nd Payment

Going to pay the second payment of my study loan. Almost a month ago I had made the first payment using the same method - by Maybank's Demand Draft. Then, I used registered letter to post the demand draft to SPANS.

However, there is one thing I felt very disappointed with SPANS service. After one month I made the payment, there is still no feedback from them whether they received my demand draft or not.

This really worried me. Last time when I posted back the payback form they sent to me, there was no feedback until last year, I suddenly received a warning letter from them accusing me for not paying back the money.

Well, I think SPANS should issue a receipt to me if they received my bank draft as a prove of reception. I will give them some more time, as I understand how "good" government services usually are. If I don't receive anything in the near future to certified that I had made some payment, then I will take action by either call the office or email to remind them for their good service!

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