Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gathering At Shuang Xing BBQ Steamboat

Last night I attended colleagues gathering cum self-subsidized company new year dinner at "Shuang Xing BBQ Steamboat" (双星烧烤火锅). It is a new eating establishment in Sibu located at Jalan Pahlawan, just beside Sibu bus terminal.

[Shuang Xing BBQ Steamboat at Jalan Pahlawan]

BBQ Steamboat or I personally called it sizzling steamboat is a new eating style in Sibu. Shuang Xing is the first and as far as I know the only of its kind around Sibu town. Before this, I tried it before when I was in Kuching.

[Inside look of the restaurant]

The charges will be calculated according to head. For adult, it is RM19.00 per head while kids below 5 feet will be charged RM9.00 and if below 3 feet it is FOC! The eating style is easy, you get any fresh foods you want then cook it yourself!

There are 2 types of steamboat prepared for you,
1) the sizzling steamboat where you can cook the foods in frying style, and
2) traditional soup steamboat put in the middle of the sizzling plate, where you can cook the foods in boiling style.

For the soup, you have 3 choices of soup depend on individual preference. Broth, tomyam or hot & spicy soup. For the dinner last night, we decided to go for lighter eating style, hence broth soup became our choice.

[The steamboat]

The shop is divided into 2 sections. On the left hand side, it is a section for vegetables, cooked foods such as "The 3 kings of food" - fried rice, fried noodles and fried kueh tiaw, drinks and different kind of sauces. Everything including the drinks are free flow. You can eat and drink as much as you can.

[Vegetables section]

[Free flow drinks to choose from]

[Fried noodles and rice]

[Different kind of sauces]

On the right hand corner of the shop, it is a section for fresh foods such as bacon or salted pork, beef and chicken, various kind of cold storage foods and also free-flow ice-cream for dessert! There are also some seafoods but the choice is a bit too little. I could only see some sliced fish, small prawns, squids and also some clams for seafoods which is really not much to choose from.

[Label to identify the type of salted foods in the fridge]

[Salted chicken wings, fish and meats]

[Salted meat, squids and small prawns]

[Cold storage foods section]

For the desserts, you could choose from scooped ice-cream, Popsicles to coleslaw, water-melon and colorful-but-same-taste jellies.


One thing I found quite interesting in the shop is shown in the photo below. Before I tell you the answer, from first glance, can you tell me what are they?

[What is this?]

So what is your answer? Initially I thought they were Buah Cempedak - a local fruit. I was thinking why their Cempedak could be so shinny and good-looking. Then after I asked one of my colleague, he told me those were butters!! Yeah! They are well-wrapped butters in capsule shape. These butters are used in frying the foods on sizzling steamboat. Gosh! Really sorry for my stupidity!

The gathering ended after about 2 hours with only 6 of us attended - Sparkish, Toh, MD, CS, Jacky and me. Quite a poor turn up, but at least we enjoyed the moment.

[Cooking on sizzling plate and steamboat]

As a whole, Shuang Xing BBQ Steamboat is a good place for occasion like gathering and family dinner. But you need to have patient because you have to cook the foods by yourself slowly one by one. For busy people who are rushing for time, this is certainly not your choice to eat.


  1. Nice photo and write-up, claim ad fee from them next time.

  2. nice gathering nice gathering, fox king very regret to meet the moimoi at electrical shop, hhahahah...


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