Thursday, January 1, 2009

10 Things Done On Last Day Of 2008

What had I done on the last day of 2008? Nothing much actually.

1) Woke up 6.45am as usual, lazy around, took bath and breakfast then preparing to go office.

2) Went to work around 7.50am. Started working at 8am with no motivation to work, so keep "fishing" from time to time.

3) 12.25pm lunch break, went back home for lunch.

4) Continued working an hour later yet the motivation to work was even lesser than the morning. Chit chatting with friends to spend time faster but flu made me feel asleep.

5) 5pm working time's up!! Stop all the works and preparing for new year!

6) Went for movie "Bolt" with friends.

7) Tea time with friends waiting for countdown time.

8) Went Town square at 10.15pm for countdown.

9) Listened to our dear local politicians promoting themselves with their almost-caused-vomit -and-damn-bored speaking with no content but keep promoting their political party and seek for sympathy from the crowd for their short-doing.

10) 12am sharp! Happy 2009 New Year!

1 comment:

  1. Can you remove item 1 to 5, stupid lah !! hahahaha....


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