Monday, December 29, 2008

Teochew 70th Anniversary Dinner

Attended Sibu Teochew Association 70th anniversary dinner just now through my buddy's invitation. The dinner had been held at Dewan Suarah Sibu.

[The ticket]

There were four pretty girls in Chinese traditional costume standing at the main entrance to welcome the guests. Lions dance also there to accompany VIPs and VVIPs arrival.

[Pretty girls with Chinese traditional costume at the entrance to welcome the guests]

[Lions dance welcoming VIPs and VVIPs]

Before the actual dinner started, there were Chinese orchestra origin from Sibu Teochew Association playing music with Chinese traditional musical instruments such as Er hu, Pi Pa and etc. It was very special indeed as nowadays it's really hard to see such traditional performance. Newer generation now are more to modern musics rather than the oldies.

[Chinese traditional orchestra from Sibu Teochew Association]

There were also snacks, mini mandarin oranges and Teochew clan's traditional kuih available on every table for the guests to taste.

[Snacks and mini Mandarin oranges]

[Teochew clan's traditional kuih]

The event ended at about 10.15pm with lucky draw as the last program. However, I was not that lucky this time. I came back empty-handed!

[VVIPs table look gorgeous]

[The tables]

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  1. no wonder you back today early lah, any girl girl to chase ?!?!


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