Friday, December 19, 2008

Bunch Of Cute Colleagues

It was a funny afternoon.

Next Monday will be a colleague - Jacky Fox King's wedding. We were discussing about what to give him as wedding present. We finally decided to give him an combined angpow for whoever wanted to join. Then we also decided to buy a wedding greeting card so that all colleagues could put some wishes and signature on it as a sign of blessing.

So, a head of department assigned a staff to go buy the card. He spent almost 45 minutes to an hour to look around in town for a suitable card... but he hardly found any. After some efforts of searching, finally he got one.

He brought the card back to office. Mission accomplished! The card look normal, no fancy design but we not really care. The important thing is we have a space to express our sincere wishes to our dear colleague. However, once I opened the card prepared to be the first person signing it, I couldn't help myself to LOL (laugh out loudly)! Gosh!

[The card outside look - definitely a wedding card]

Why? OMG (Oh My God)! There were a lot of yellowish stain on the card! It was something like a card which had been stored in museum for more than 10 years, then somehow slipped out from museum and blew by the wind and coincidently placed on a rack for sale! It was not obvious especially when it covered with a transparent plastic wrapper plus light reflection on it. So, not my colleague's fault who had been working hard to hunt for a card!

[Yellowish rings?]

[Old thing easier to tear off even you handle it with care]

Therefore, I felt that we must do something to the card. Well, at least covered the yellowish stain which really made the card steal-from-museum-like! I had some idea how to do it. But with limited time, I needed to do it simple yet presentable.

I quickly looked into the web then I found a very cute wedding cartoon. So, I just printed it out on a piece of white paper. Well, the quality is a bit rough but we had no choice because it was the only color printer in the office.

Without wasting more time, I started to cut the cartoon out from the paper while others were busy writing their sincere wishes and signature on the card. After others finished, I then sticked the cute cartoon onto the card with glue.

I couldn't help myself from kept laughing while I was decorating the card. Really couldn't believe a card that suppose to be found in museum was in our hands now! Then thought of decorating the card to make it more presentable to the future-bridegroom, but no proper printer in the office.

[The inner look of the card after beautifying efforts]

Ok, my job done although it was a torture one! Well, not satisfied but no more choice. Although it couldn't cover all the yellowish stain because there were really too many but at least it gave that little bit of beautifying effect! Don't you feel so? ;p

Now, my immediate head turn! He complaint that the envelope to place the card was a bit too plain and white (in fact it was a bit milky). According to Chinese family, white color is not appropriate for a big event like wedding. Therefore, he suggested to do something on the envelope.

In view of time getting shorter, all colleagues started to get a bit panic. All of us worried if we can complete this "mission almost impossible" on time. Therefore, even the manager level persons also put down their works temporarily and slotted in opinion to make the mission a success. We used all the material available including the wedding invitation card and its envelope to create a "badge" and also little loves shape. (OMG! I just I realized that all our colleagues are so creative!)

While all of us were busy co-operating doing the works, the card buyer suddenly voice out with his innocent look, "So sorry, I didn't expect the card I bought bring so much trouble to you all". Gosh! All of us were laughing till almost fall from our seats!

"Yeah, right.. we thought of kicking your ass now!". I guess this is what in most of our brain at that moment! HAHAHAAH! Just kidding Jack! Don't worry!

[Manager level gave opinion to make "mission almost impossible" possible!]

[Do it faster! Time almost up!]

[Wedding invitation card's envelope being used as a material for deco]

["Girls have better skill in cutting love shape!"]

["Don't play play! I am a guy but my cutting kungfu very good also!"]

After few minutes of OT, finally, we made the "mission almost impossible" possible! The outcome... well... I guess better you judge yourself. But with limited time and material, I guess not bad la!

[Final envelope's presentation]

So Jacky Fox King, can you see how sincere we are to send you our deepest wishes from heart? It's not the design but the efforts and OT that we put in that count! ;p So hope you don't mind although you can still see the yellowish stain. That's so called "The ring of love!!" HAHAHA!

Hope you like it!


  1. I think Foxking will receive it with 囧 face, haha!!

  2. choo, well done !!!!! Perridot staff well done ...

  3. 還蠻囧下說




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