Monday, December 22, 2008

Jacky Fox King's Wedding Dinner

Today is a colleague - Hu's wedding (Jacky Fox King). Just now I attended his wedding dinner at one of the Chinese restaurant in town. All colleagues 12 of us were invited. Only one absent for unknown reason.

[Gosh! The photo is blur... maybe hand shaking ;) ]

[Dinner table]

We had a great time there. Beside nice foods, we utilized the time for chit chatting, gossiping and made fun of each other without any burden on our shoulders. I enjoyed the moment very much. Hardly find such moment during normal office hours.

[Delicious foods]

[Yum Yum man tou with pork - the presentation is nice]

[I think you can call it a Chinese burger]

Another colleague, Wong who is also former classmate of the bride and bridegroom had been assigned to be video man for the day. Hence, he was busy shooting video on the whole event happening. I could see his professionalism when he was following the new couples everywhere so that he won't miss any valuable moment!

[Semi-pro video man, Wong!]

All people attending the dinner had been given a small well-wrapped souvenir with a very meaning note attached with it. Mine one sounds: "When a semicircle meet the other half, it means happiness!" Sounds good?

[A well-wrapped meaningful souvenir]

The dinner finished around 8.35pm. I feel very happy for Hu, who had stepped into the next chapter of his life! Hu has been a nice colleague to me for the past 3 years and sitting face to face with me for more than one year! Congratulation Hu and Fong , and may happiness will always be with both of you everyday!

[Happy wedding Hu & Fong!]

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  1. can be pro liao !!!! change job after be pro, hahhha....


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