Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Model Bond Cars Collection

In conjunction with the latest release of James Bond series of movie, Quantum of Solace on November last month, Shell had launched a distinctive collection of Bond cars model for Bond's fans, car lovers or model collectors to collect. There are total of 5 model cars in the collection, each of them is from a classic Bond's film.

Each car worth RM5.50 with a minimum purchase of RM40 worth of Shell petrol. I had collected all of them. Honestly.. I am not a big James Bond's fan nor a model collector, yet sometimes I found collecting these little toys is kind of fun.

+++ (1) +++

Car Model: Sunbeam Alpine 5
Movie: Dr. No
Year: 1962
Actor: Sean Connery
Description: Sean Connery drives around Jamaica in his convertible Sunbeam Alpine 5, with the sun on his face and the enemy on his back.

+++ (2) +++

Car Model: Aston Martin DB5
Movie: Goldfinger
Year: 1964
Actor: Sean Connery
Description: Bullet-proof glass, a smoke screen and ejector seat save Sean Connery and his Aston Martin DB5 from Oddjob's henchmen.

+++ (3) +++

Car Model: Lotus Esprit S1
Movie: The Spy Who Loved Me
Year: 1977
Actor: Roger Moore
Description: Roger Moore drives, the dives his Lotus Esprit out of danger - making and escape across the Mediterranean.

(The mode shown in this model is submarine mode)

+++ (4) +++

Car Model: BMW Z3 Roadster
Movie: Goldeneye
Year: 1995
Actor: Pierce Brosnan
Description: Pierce Brosnan tries out all the usual refinements of his BMW Z3 in the Caribbean countryside.

+++ (5) +++

Car Model: Aston Martin DBS
Movie: Quantum of Solace
Year: 2008
Actor: Daniel Craig
Description: A package in Montenegro reunites Daniel Craig with the keys to his state-of-art Aston Martin DBS.

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