Monday, December 1, 2008

Sibu PC Fair 2008

Last weekend (28th - 30th Nov) was the year end PC fair in Sibu. As always it was held at Sibu Trade and Exhibition Centre. The building is formerly a warehouse of Rajang Port Authority Sibu, but then because the authority business was dropping, it was later being renovated and converted into a exhibition center. There were more than 40 stalls taking part in this PC fair.

[Sibu Trade and Exhibition Centre]

[The exhibition center is formerly a warehouse]

I had being there twice and the crowd was very encouraging. Yet, it was quite a disappointment for me. There were not much computer hardware choices in the fair. Most of the companies taking part were selling notebooks as well as printers. Of course there were other PC accessories been sold, but the choices is really limited. Usually computer peripherals such as DVD-R, DVD writer and external hard disk are among the best selling items in a PC fair, but you hardly found these items in this PC fair. No wonder I had been walking round and round the booths, yet I couldn't find something that could really attract me.

[The crowd]

[A view inside PC fair]

[So many printers on sale]

There were only few items which I found quite eyes catchy. One of them was this very nice looking NEC desktop PC in white color.

Then, there was this SONY special design LCD monitor (or maybe is a tv? I am not sure). Actually I was not really impressed by its design, but I was attracted by the pretty Korean girl singing and dancing shown on the monitor! ;p

Another one will be this transparent CPU with neon light in it and a 21" Samsung LCD widescreen monitor just beside the CPU which only costs RM708 (I bought a 19" Samsung LCD for RM715 6 months ago!! *_* ) I also attracted by the game shown on that monitor! Maybe it is Call of Duty 5 I guess!

[Transparent CPU casing with neon light]

[21" Samsung LCD monitor only costs RM708 and the game shown on it was nice!]

One more item that caught my attention would be this so called "All-in-1" Lexmark X2550 printer! It can be a printer, scanner, fax and also photocopy machine but it only costs RM163!! I couldn't believe my eyes! It's really too good to be true! About how long it will last, well I afraid that will be another matter which you really need to think of before buying. ;p

[Lexmark X2550 All-In-1 Printer]

[Logitech booth with very eyes-comfort display]

[Handy drive/pen-drive: A must in a PC fair]

[EACAN speakers corner]

[SONY corner]

[Part of the major brands participated in the PC fair]

As a whole, this time PC fair was really a big big disappointment for me which I hardly spent even an hour in it!

++++++ To whom it may concern (TWIMC) section ++++++

Well, for those who claimed himself as an original software supporter, there were also original software on sale such as this Kaspersky anti-virus software which is one of your favorite. So don't just talk! Please show your action! As you told the world you are practicing RM1 per day saving habit for original software, don't tell me by now you still can't collect RM59. So please PROVE to us that you are a true ori supporter by action but not bullshitting by MOUTH!!

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