Friday, December 23, 2011

Famous Sunny Hill Ice Cream @ Kuching

I had been hearing about the name Sunny Hill of Kuching ages ago. There is a very legendary ice cream parlor here which is so synonym to the place, but I never being there before.

In the recent trip, thanks to PY for bringing us there to try out the legendary ice cream. Its location which is just beside the busy Batu Kawa-3rd Mile flyover and the narrow road in front of the shop made parking a challenge to the patrons. On the day of visit, we were lucky enough to get a parking slot or else we might need to leave the place without trying anything.

The shop was crowded with patrons at the time of our visit at around 4++pm queuing for their turn, but the service was quite fast. Thus the waiting time was relatively short. The shop itself has no luxury renovation or some sort, just an old-school canteen style with seats around.

There are actually very limited flavors to choose from, in fact, there will only certain flavors of sundae in sale on specific days:

     Monday to Tuesday - Strawberry
     Wednesday to Friday - Pandan or Corn
     Saturday and Sunday - Chocolate
     Everyday - Vanilla

There are few variations on how you wish the sundae to be served, either serving on cones, in a bowl with nuts or without, ice cream sandwich style (sundae with bread), banana split and etc.

As at the time of visit it was on Sunday and I had a bad throat condition, thus I only opted for plain vanilla chocolate mixed sundae served in a plastic bowl at RM2.50.

Other friends of mine had ordered vanilla topping with nuts (RM2.80), an ice cream sandwich and a banana split (RM3.90).

On my first trial, I didn't feel extraordinary yummy, but the strong milk powder fragrance attracted my taste buds! I personally like that milky taste, but it might not be the story for those not in favor. The sundae itself is super smooth, the smoothness that I never feel before having ice cream melting in my mouth. It is indeed cooling and refreshing! Apart from the nice taste, the ice cream was not too sweet! Thumbs up for this!

In a nutshell, the ice cream is nice... very nice in fact at the level that you will feel of go back and try again, but it is not super duper perfectly nice. That makes me curious why the small ice cream shop are so famous among the cat city's citizen?

After I browse through the web, I only discovered that there was actually a little story about the parlor. This little parlor had existed since many decades ago. So, many Kuching people were grown up with the companion of this ice cream shop. Thus, they have a very special love and childhood memories towards it. This had been passed from a generation to another. (Please enlighten me if I am wrong in this)

One more thing to mention, all the profits from the selling of ice cream of this shop will be used for the public service projects of the S.D.A. (Seventh-Day Adventist Church) missions.

The business hours of the shop is as follow:

     Sunday - Thursday   8.00am - 10.00pm
     Friday                      8.00am - 4.00pm
     Saturday                  7.00pm - 10.00pm


  1. Wa, you advertise for them ah...haha..

  2. All profits used for church? Taoke so generous, no need earn $.

  3. I guess this is not the first time I advertise for people for free.. ;p

    PS: I think the shop is owned by the church or some sort... that's why profits go to church...

  4. 聽說是古晉最好吃的冰淇淋。。。

  5. 有机会去试吃看看... 非常顺口~

    1. Already go 2 times... Hehehe... ;)


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