Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Brief Review of Belawai Beach

Belawai Beach had now become among the most popular relaxation and family gathering spot for people around Sibu. With the completion of Sibu-Tanjung Manis road, which allows accessibility from Sibu to Tanjung Manis via land transport with only 1 hour of driving distance, the Belawai Beach which is just additional half an hour's driving from Tanjung Manis became the nearest seaside view reachable by Sibu people.

1.5 hours driving to the beach is an acceptable distance for Siburians. Before this, the nearest beach is at Mukah Division which required double time consumption of the current. Thus, during weekend or public holidays, Belawai Beach will be crowded with visitors and don't be surprised if big portion of them are from Sibu.

Currently, there is no resort operates at the beach side, but a company named Reki Enterprise which I heard is the land owner of one small part of the beach had prepared some basic picnic facilities such as picnic tables, barbecue set, wash rooms and restaurant for the visitors.

These facilities are chargeable. A picnic table with a barbecue set will be charged RM4 per session (until you leave the place). If you want to use the toilet, you need to pay RM0.30 and RM1.00 for those who wish to take a bath and clean up the body after playing at the beach.

During peak period especially public holidays, you may need to pre-book the picnic facilities or else you may go back with lots of disappointment. Shelters are limited so do prepare umbrellas just in case of hot sun or sudden rain.

The beach itself is clean but the sea water is light brownish in color which contributes to the imperfection. Anyhow need to be thankful as with the Belawai Beach, Sibu people can now have more chances to experience picnic and spending leisure at a seaside than ever before!


  1. I hope to step my foot here one day. Noted the outrageous charge for the bathroom facility

  2. You sure can... just spend a Sunday there will be fine... that's a private land (I heard) and if not mistaken so far it's the only beach side at Belawai providing these facilities. So, is kinda monopoly.. ;)

  3. should go to the fish market. the fish there really cheap and fresh.

  4. Been busy and have not been dropping by for quite sometime and look what I found!... Wow! I really love those beach photos!

  5. Thank you Sooky! ;) With some PS (Photoshop) the photos can really look nicer than it supposed to be... ;p


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