Sunday, December 20, 2009

Xmas Parade 2009 @ Sibu

Christmas parade in Sibu means the Christmas day is just around the corner, more or less about a week to go. As usual, this parade was held at the last Saturday before Christmas which for this year was on 19th December 2009.


I could still remember during last year's parade, the sky was raining but it stopped just before the parade started. This year however, sky was dark but it was not raining. Only when the parade marching started, then the rain began to fall onto the ground.


However, the prayers must have touched the Lord's heart, the rain never turned heavy. It just remained drizzle which wet the shirts and the road, yet the high spirit of the Christians taking part in the marching were never distracted. They sang, danced or marched steadily under the rain which let me felt their holiness from the bottom of the heart.



The highlight of the event was the floats or the decorated cars/trucks. Not sure if it was affected by economic recession, there were just limited quality floats be seen.


Anyway, it was a successful night I guess which attracted thousands of Sibuians gathered on the street to witness this event.


  1. Quite a number of beautiful "angels" too that night. He...he...

  2. waaah, a lot of nice photos, i only captured some photos.

  3. I just simply click the shutter and most of the time couldn't really notice the beautiful "angels" as they walking pass me too fast.

  4. Wong, u capture few meh. Btw choo, nice pic. Just can't wait to go back sibu to snap on those x'mas trees at town square

  5. Chamb... thanks! You are mostly welcome back to Sibu for photo snapping!


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