Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Tree Contest 2009 @ Sibu Town Square (Part 2)

This is the continuity of the Part 1 about 2009 Christmas tree decoration contest held in Sibu.

Standing at the middle of the 12 Christmas trees for this competition is the one owned by the organizer, the Sibu Municipal Council. This one is exactly the same as the one last year, it is not for competition.

Now, lets look at the remaining Christmas trees.

Sugarbun Christmas Tree. It gave me the feel of a not properly rendered 3D tree in computer graphic. Anyway, the presentation is quite unique and the shinny green and red wrappers did catch my eyes.

Tanahmas Hotel Christmas Tree. With the green cloth as the base of the tree, it was decorated with red clothes, red ribbons and some trinkets. Almost the entire tree was covered with decoration objects which shows the effort by the participant.

A reindeer can be seen just beside the tree caring Christmas gifts. It'll be more complete if a Santa Clause can be placed on the sleigh.

Kingwood Hotel Christmas Tree. No fancy decoration for this tree, but the entire tree was covered with Terendak hat of different size, the traditional handcraft/hat by Melanau community in Sarawak. This is the participation with the strongest "Sarawak taste".

Farley Christmas Tree. With the Santa hat on top of the tree and a giant Halloween snowman stands beside the tree, it gave me a more fairy tale feel. I guess children will like this one.

Sing Kwong Chritsmas Tree. Different from other participants, 2/3 of the tree was shaped using bendable LED tubes. It doesn't look too special at day time, but once the sky is dark and the power of electricity is supplied to it, I am sure the view will be spectacular.

Daesim Group Christmas Tree. Well, in my personal opinion this is the most impressive artwork among the 12 participants. A fairy tale Christmas which is the dream of most kids!

With the theme "Bobby in Xmas Land", this team had putting extra efforts in the design. A Santa house was guarded by toy soldiers and in front of the house, there was a mailbox addressed No.1 North Pole. In the mailbox, a letter was received and it was addressed to Santa.

Papa Santa was actually in the house! But somehow, maybe he wished to sneak out from the house and going to give away Christmas gifts to the kids without being noticed, he was found on the roof, half of his body still inside the chimney.

There was a signboard at the house compound specify the particular space is only for sleigh parking but somehow this cute sign was missing 2nd day I revisit to this place again! Well, maybe someone tried to make an illegal parking here? Is a norm is Sibu I guess but I am not sure if this also happened in No.1 North Pole!

Santa house at North Pole is a very peaceful place to stay, even birdy would like to make its nest at the windows. It is really cute.

Here they are! The 12 Christmas trees for this year's competition presented to you. The result is unknown yet, but the Daesim one in my personal favorite! How about you?

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