Monday, December 7, 2009

Mini Motorbike Show @ Sibu Gateway (3)

The third part of the mini Motorbike show @ Sibu Gateway is the 2 customized scooters which I personally felt most impressive. 2 different line of modification - one is cool and another is cute.

If you wish to see more modification, you can click my part 1 and part 2 here.

The cool one is the FILA decorated red-white-blue combination of color's customization. It is actually mimic the Ducati-FILA Superbike which was introduced by Ducati team at year 2004.

That's why you can see the owner surrounded the scooter with the Ducati-FILA Superbike team photos. I personally love the combination of color which was the most shinny and striking color among the participants.

Not only the body decoration was mimic the Ducati-FILA Superbike, even the exhaust was amazing! A small scooter but the exhaust is as big as the one placed on the real Superbike!

The last one which I crowned it as the cutest modification of all! It was the Monster Inc scooter team! I did come across this team near some blog, but this is the first time I saw it with my own eyes.

The team had 2 scooters on display. One has less modification but with light blue and white color to match the Monster Inc theme color.

The other one was neatly decorated with Monster Inc cartoon. From the light to suspension to the seat and the rear as well as the head, every part of the scooter were carefully modified to suit the theme.

I particularly love the head modification. The front lamp of the scooter had been customized to be the big eye of the single-eye monster "Mike" as in Monster Inc animation. Look carefully, there were 2 small horns on top of the lamp. That's was to mimic Mike's horns.

If you look in details, that Mike really has 2 horns on his head! From here we could see how particular the owner is in order to produce a Monster Inc theme scooter. It is a creative piece of work and well done to the owner.

There were 2 speakers being installed near the foot pedal and underneath the seat is a big bass speaker.

The team also used various kind of Monster Inc related toys and dolls to decorate the compound where the scooter was placed to produce the cuteness and the cartoon atmosphere. They were the only contestant prepared their own camp in order to protect their beloved scooters for being exposed under the hot sun.

This team definitely has the package to win the 1st prize in this competition. But somehow from the informal information I got on the Internet, it only won the 3rd price. Well, maybe the organizer had their own set of judging standard. No argument on the result, I am not an expert to judge it though.

Anyway, it was a nice show for me which I did enjoy it. I spent almost an hour under the hot sun just to shot these pics while the participants still busy with their decoration. Despite of getting darker skin, I guess I was satisfied and wish that I could meet a bigger scale of such autoshow in the future.

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  1. they really spend much time to decorate those bite, really pro one.


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