Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Tree Contest 2009 @ Sibu Town Square (Part 1)

Christmas Tree Contest is an annual event organized by Sibu Municipal Council in conjunction with the coming Christmas celebration. This is the 3rd year in a row the council organized such event. The venue of the event remain the same, Sibu Town Square next to Wisma Sanyan.

The were 12 participants taking part for this contest this year. They can roughly being divided into 3 groups, local private companies, hotels and local shopping complexes.

The marking standard is unknown, but according to previous year, creativity and waste recycling usage were take into consideration.

Here are 6 out of 12 of the participated Christmas trees. Another 6 will be revealed in the coming post.

KTS Group's Christmas Tree. It is simple, typical look but I would say it is elegant.

Subur Tiasa Holdings Berhad Chritsmas Tree. It is extra simple. Basically it is just a con shape frame covered with white clothes then decorated with another greyish cloth and few trinkets.

Delta Land Berhad Chritsmas Tree. This is a "1 Malaysia" tree. Why said so? Did you see the number 1 on top of the "tree"? Then did you notice the colorful Christmas tree basically is using the colors found in Jalur Gemilang (national flag)?

Not a bad idea though since the term "1 Malaysia" was widely used in various fields. We have 1 Malaysia Trusted Fund, 1 Malaysia stamp, 1 Malaysia toilet (did we?), 1 Malaysia F1 Team and the most recent I heard, 1 Malaysia clinic. So, in Sibu, we have a 1 Malaysia Christmas tree which is the one and the only in the country perhaps.

But what are those discs mean? 1 Malaysia is surrounded by pirated discs? Oppss...!! Just kidding! ^ ^ It is the usage of waste I guess which should be encouraged.

Pansar Group Chritsmas Tree. The concept is just similar with KTS tree just now. Simple and typical yet elegant. The tree was decorated with red ribbons and trinkets. The base was covered with well-wrapped xmas gifts where the wrappers are poster of manufacturers who the company dealing with.

The main objective for this participation maybe is not for prize winning, but is a method Pansar and its business partners wish everyone have a merry Christmas! (I guess only...)

Ta Ann Holdings Berhad Chritsmas Tree. The white-cloth Christmas tree was surrounded by a golden stripe. At the base of the tree was a house (or church) with its roof covered with "snow". I think the corporate tried to mimic the "white Christmas" ambience. The Santa Clause was parachuting from the sky (how he get back to his reindeer after that?).

Zoo Bee Garden Bongsai Center Chritsmas Tree. Regular participant to this event. A neat piece of work with the base was covered with white and shinny stones. Beside the Christmas tree there were 3 snowmen created with waste material I guess?

There you are! The 6 Christmas trees took part in this annual event. In the coming post, another 6 will be shared and please stay tune!

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