Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Tree Contest 2009 - The Night View

This is nothing new, but still about the Christmas Tree Contest 2009 held in Sibu Town Square. Perhaps some of you have already get bored of the same topic being written repeatedly. Well, you have the rights to boycott this post, but before that, please just scroll down once to see these Christmas trees in a different perspective - the night view. I promise there will be no long and boring elaboration, just purely photo sharing. If the photos can't attract you, you can just leave this post and spend more time on other blogs.

If you want to read more, you can click here and here.


[Kingwood Hotel]

[Subur Tiasa]

[Delta Land Berhad]


[Farley (Front view) with the cute Santa which you can't see at day time]

[Farley (Rear view) with snowman which is hidden at day time]

[Sibu Municipal Council - the organizer]

[Sing Kwong]

[Sing Kwong with the top section change the color]


[Zoo Bee Garden with water sprayed on top of the tree which only available at night time]



[Ta Ann]


  1. Got a little bit improvement for Pansar one.

  2. Yeah.. heard about it but at the time I shot the pics, it hasn't change yet...


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