Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Farewell @ Cafe Cafe Sibu

This was just another farewell lunch for my company. A farewell lunch for us usually will mean 3 things. 1st, we gonna lose another comrade who share the same poor old boat with us in the middle of an ocean yet still trying hard to struggle for life. Secondly, the departure of any of us means he/she had successfully swim to the shore and the brighter days are awaiting in front, so we sincerely wish him/her all the best in future undertaking. Thirdly, we got a free lunch paid by company within a fixed budget which is among the very few consolation we get for serving the company.

The farewell lunch this afternoon was not an exceptional. We still share the same 3 meanings. What was different with the previous farewell lunch was the leaving comrade is more "special". Perhaps I shouldn't call him a comrade as he always live in his own world, with his own thought and never want to share the boat with us.

He is hoping we are happy for his leaving but for us actually this leaving won't make much difference in our life despite more mess to be cleaned. Well, his contribution to the company is definitely undoubted but I am sure if he could have better communication skills, he will definitely excel further in his career.

Anyway, no matter what's the argument or misunderstanding we have previously, this leaving marked a fullstop on all these. His departure means a better future is awaiting for him and I sincerely wish him all the best!


Not forget to share some of the dishes we ordered this afternoon. We had these at Cafe Cafe Sibu which I reviewed about it before.

Creamy Pasta with Turkey Ham which is shell pasta cooked in homemade cream sauce, capsicum and fresh herbs. RM15.00 per set.

Spaghetti Marinara served in olive oil, creamy seafood white sauce, herbs and paprika at RM13.00 per set.


Kapitan Chicken Set which is steamed rice served with sauced chicken, marinated vegetables and snacks cost RM9.50.


Beef Masak Hitam served with steamed rice, buns and marinated vege (RM14.00).

This is the set I ordered called Nyonya Fried Rice. Quite a nice dish you can try. The rice was fried with dried shrimp and fresh prawns. It has strong dried shrimp taste, so if you are fan of this, then this set lunch maybe will become your favorite.



The set came with baked chicken in padan leaf but I personally felt that the chicken is tasteless although the presentation was awful. It also came with snacks and marinated vege. It costs RM13.50 per set, quite worth if compare to other dishes.


For dessert, we shared some cheese cakes. This small piece of cheese cake costs RM7.50 but it was creamy and delicious!



  1. Honestly I feel the cheese cake is the best among those food.

  2. Perhaps it was the set you ordered not taste too good... ;)

  3. What a way to bid farewell in such a nice cafe

  4. Nice cafe but the budget was controlled... ;)

  5. I also order Nyonya Fried Rice, and I still consider that is nice food.


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