Monday, October 26, 2009

The Ambience @ Cafe Cafe Sibu

As I promised, in this post I will just share about the ambience in Cafe Cafe Sibu which I rated it as a more "luxury" choices of eating establishment in Sibu.

The cafe is located at a very old shop house but the owners managed to decorate and use the space nicely while preserved some of the traditional building structure.

The ambient lighting makes the place look dim, but gives the feel of soft, relax and romantic. It is a good place to have date with the love one, but sometimes the place is a bit noisy especially when it was crowded with patrons.

Connected to the upper floor is a wooden staircase. The white candles decorating the red wall along the staircase is very unique and outstanding.

There is a space with long table which can accommodate a group of around 16 people at a time to have dinner. It is an ideal space for a big family or friends gathering.

The monotone feather pictures hanging on the wall look simple, but it certainly produces some contrast effect to the big red wall and makes it more colorful and presentable.
As I mentioned before some of the original old shop structure are preserved and decorated nicely to give the classical feel to the customers.

Well, I would conclude that it is a romantic yet affordable place to have dinner with its great surrounding and environment. But don't be too surprised when half way you express your love to the love one, you hear somebody shouting and singing happy birthday song which may spoil your mood and the whole ambience! ^^

Here is the full address of the cafe if you wish to pay it a visit:

Cafe Cafe
No. 10, Jalan Chew Geok Lin,
96000 Sibu,


  1. wahhh, many dinner, getting fat loh, haha..

  2. the concept they took from my mum place in KL. You may refer at my post here

  3. Sparkish >> Enjoy nice dinner once in a while should be ok la... as long as we continue play badminton... hahhaa..

    cmichael >> Its menu is definitely lousier than the restaurant stated in your blog as it is just a normal monotone printer printed menu. ;)


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