Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sibu BASE Jump 2009 @ Wisma Sanyan

B.A.S.E is an acronym for building, antennas, spans (bridges) and earth (cliff) and BASE jumping is actually refer to an activity that employs an initially packed parachute to jump from these fixed objects.

Sibu BASE Jump 2009 is the first ever BASE jumping event held in Sibu town. The venue for this BASE jumping with no doubt is the tallest building in Sarawak at the moment - Wisma Sanyan which consists of 27-storey or 126 meters height.

The event was started at around 8.30am this morning. As usual, some local politicians just have to show their faces before the event starts, including Assistant Minister of Youth Affairs and Tourism, YB Tuan Haji Hamden, Vincent Goh and also Awang Bemee.

It was the first time I saw human jump down from such a high structure with my own eyes. The feeling was heart-beating and full of excitement. I really admired and impressed with the jumpers' courage and skills.

The jumpers jumped from the rooftop of Wisma Sanyan building, then after about a second later, they will release the parachute.

The parachute will open in a split second...

... then the jumpers will glide in the air while navigate the parachute...

... to ensure that they won't fly too far away from the intended landing point which was Sibu Town Square.

When the jumpers approaching the ground, they will pull the navigator to slow down the speed so that they can land softly and safely.

The whole process from jumping from the rooftop of Wisma Sanyan, to open parachute then gliding in the air and touching down only took around 15 seconds.

It was certainly a great experience watching such extreme game live! In the coming write up I will share the photos about the jumpers who came all the way from different western countries just to take part in this BASE jumping event in Sibu.

For the time being, just enjoy some photos on the actions of BASE jumping taken by me this morning.


  1. wa, not bad hoh, Sibu got such event. Sure can attract lots of tourists...

  2. Not sure can attract lots of tourists or not, but it is a good start I guess...

  3. Hi! My name is Max! I'm a jumper from Russia flying blue and red center cell canopy on your pictures above :) I appreciate if you share full size pics on which I appear :)
    Thanks for great shots!

  4. Hi Max! Thanks for visiting my blog and left a comment! I really appreciate it! Do come back more often! ;)

    you guys are too brave + great in doing the BASE jumping which I truly impressed and admired!

  5. G'day Wen,

    nice shots and explanations with the pics!

    The hospitality of the locals made it a fantastic event.

    I know all of us want to return next year!


    Ken (Dusty) Miller.

  6. Hey, Ken Miller! I know which one is you! You are the jumper from Australia, with bigger body size and like to make fun when interacting with the crowd! Really nice to meet you and we do hope you come back next year!

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  8. This BASE jumping event is a great way to bring in some tourist dollars, lots of country's are doing it, its sure to continue to grow in popularity. I love this sort of attitude towards BASE, embracing it rather than outlawing it.


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