Thursday, October 1, 2009

District 9

I know it was a bit late to write about this film, but I just managed to watch it last night with my buddy at an alternative cinema, Star Cineplex.

District 9 is a science fiction film talking about an alien spaceship somehow stopped on the sky of Johannesburg, South Africa. Human then cut into the spaceship and discovered a large group of unhealthy arthropod-like creatures inside the ship.

In order to help these "aliens", human had set up an area called District 9 to be some sort of refugee camp to accommodate these extraterrestrial species. However, due to some social issues caused by these aliens, human decided to relocate them to a more remote place named District 10.

Wikus van der Merwe was assigned to lead the relocation. During the operation Wikus accidentally sprayed some fluid from a canister onto his face which caused mutation. Wikus then was hunted by MNU, a private military contractor for experiment. He hid into District 9 and helped an alien named Christopher and his young son to activate a hidden command module and back to the mothership and departed the earth to their own planet.

Anyway, this is just a very brief summary about the movie. There are still a lot of interesting storyflow in the film I didn't mention above, such as Wikus can operate alien's weapons with his mutated DNA, why he wanted to help Christopher to activate the command module and so on. You better watch it yourself.

This is definitely a very nice sci-fi movie to watch. In some part of the movie, it uses mock documentary style of shooting. It has a very unique storyflow and is a very creative and imaginative film. I would rate it 8.0/10.0!

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  1. Just watched the movie, I can say one of the best movie in this year.


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