Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dinner @ Cafe Cafe Sibu

Just had a good dinner with some friends at Cafe Cafe tonight. I personally feel that this is a more "luxury" choice to have meals where the foods here are more "pricey" yet they are comparably reasonable with some other newly established cafe around Sibu.

The place has a very nice ambience where I will reveal in the coming write up. For this time, I will just concentrate on the foods we had.

This is what I ordered. The Oriental Grilled Chicken served with potato wedges and fresh vege in gravy sauce.

It tastes good with the flesh texture still soft and easy to chew but the taste itself didn't give me too much surprise. I more impressed with the potato wedges served with its rind. You won't have the feel of the rind when biting them.

The size of the grilled chicken was a bit too small. I still remember in my last visit to this cafe which is around a year ago, the size of the chop was much bigger than this. Well, maybe this is the impact of economy recession where the price remained but the portion deducted?!!

No wonder one of the friend was complaining to have Kampua Mee after this dinner la! This grilled chicken chop costs RM18.00.

For drink, i ordered watermelon juice which is my favourite among fresh fruit juices. It is just an ordinary glass size of juice costs RM8.

The following food was not ordered by me but other friend. It is called Fish & Chips which is deep fried breaded fillet of fish served with French fries, side salad and Tartar sauce. This set costs RM19.00.

Oh ya! It is stated clearly in the menu, ordering western cuisine such as chicken chop, fish & chips or lamb chop required minimum waiting time of 30 minutes. So, if you are in a rush, make sure you don't order these foods or you will walk out the shop with all kind of "dirty words"!

We also had some side orders. Deep fried cuttlefish which is very crunchy...

... and also lady's fingers fried with spicy sambal!

p/s: I would like to apologize if you feel uncomfortable with the quality of photos as my camera really can't snap good photos in the dark ambience.

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