Monday, October 19, 2009

Banks Are Blood Suckers!

Why I said so?

Today on lunch time, I went to a bank with "tiger head" which I used to deal with all these while to buy demand draft/banker cheque to pay my monthly study loan installment. This is not the first, but the 10th time I bought the demand draft from the same bank.

As usual, I completed the routine procedure by filling up the form, took my turn then when my number was called, I attended to the counter to buy the bank draft. There I met a very impolite staff. With her sour face, she asked me "if the RM5 charges deduct from this account?"

I thought I heard it wrongly. I thought she said they will deduct some commission from my account for issuing the banker cheque. Just to clarify, I replied "Huh?". Then with her unsmiling face, she told me one more time "If you wanna deduct RM5 charges from this account?"

I was shocked and couldn't believe my ears. I told her "RM5? This is not the first time I buy bank draft from your bank. Last time they only charge 50 cents for commission, why now got RM5 charges?". With very unfriendly attitude, she replied "This is a normal charges".

"Why before these there weren't such charges?", I started to feel a bit impatient. Then the girl replied me in this way, "Before these we forgot to charge. You still wanna buy?"

With that kind of bad attitude and also the illogical answer given, I was really pissed off and just told her "No! I don't want to buy anymore. Banks are cheaters!!"

That's the reason why I said banks are blood suckers! They use our hard earned money to make profit, they suppose to provide the clients with some services in return.

But in the real world that is not the case! Banks charged unreasonably on various services given to the clients! Do you think RM5 for issuing just a banker cheque sounds reasonable?!! I certainly not feel so and it is just ridiculous!!

Furthermore do you think the staff at the bank were really that dumb and forget to charge RM5 for 9 times in a row and only remembered at the 10th time?! If that is the case, then I would suggest the bank to reconsider their staff quality and perhaps it is time to hire smarter batch of staff!!

This incident certainly spoiled my mood for the entire day!!


  1. "Before there we forgot to charge", WTF..... that staff only cin cai reply you nia, suck.

  2. yeah.... maybe she just tried to get rid of me because I made her busier!


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