Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sibu Public Park a.k.a. Taman Awam Sibu @ Taman Permai

Located adjacent to Sibu Lake Garden @ Taman Permai, the 3rd phase of the Lake Garden extension project had completed and opened to public around February this year. It was named "Sibu Public Park" or "Taman Awam Sibu" or “诗巫公共公园”. This project is the collaboration between Jabatan Landskap Negara (JLN) and Sibu Municipal Council (SMC). The major attraction for the extension works would be the children playground with large scale playground equipment.

As the color of the playground are relatively bright and outstanding compare to its surrounding, the park appears to be very eyes-catchy, thus it's quite hard to miss the place if you are driving around that area. The huge playground equipment are like a heaven to the small kids where they have so much to climb, to explore and to play with. The spiral tube slides, wave slides as well as the tube tunnels are among the favorite of the kiddies!

These large scale equipment are designed in such a way they mimicking the shape and structure of a pirate ship, sort like the structure you could find in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. The crow's nest, the sails as well as the rigging structure reminded me of the movie! I couldn't help myself to climb onto the crow's-nest-like structure to feel and enjoy a short moment of being Jack Sparrow! ^ ^

Seesaws and swings are also available at different corner of the playground.

Surrounded the playground are various fitness equipment with instruction how to use them. Among the fitness equipment available are like the balance beam, beam hop, body curl, horizontal ladder, push up bar, parallel bar and etc. While the kiddies are busy on their playground, the parents/adults can take the opportunity to do some exercises using this facilities! Isn't that great?

Worth mentioning is the attractive and brightly colored flooring are formed using EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer), a synthetic rubber which is used in wetpour surfacing. The soft and continuous seamless finish of this surfacing technology provides a safer environment and reduces injuries especially for the kids.

I personally like the place very much especially its colorful environment which make me feel relax and cheerful! Sibu Public Park is certainly a good place for family to spend leisure!


  1. Thank u, Wen, for bringing us is truly a fun outings for the kids and us! dajie.

  2. No thanks please. I also wanted to go there myself as it's a new extension. I was attracted by its colors when I drove pass the place before this visiting. I finally found a chance to see the place and you see... I also found a topic to write on this blog after more than 3 months this blog has been inactive! ^^


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