Sunday, December 23, 2012

Shell LEGO Ferrari Miniature - Pit Crew Minifigures

I promise you that this will be my last post about Shell Lego Ferrari collectible items. I had wrote 6 of them in total before this, with each of them describing one of the item and all of them are about car models.

This post is about a more special item which has even higher collectible value! It's the 7th collectible item in this promotion which is the LEGO's Shell-Ferrari Pit Crew minifigures!

The packing is a bit different from the previous items. There are some parts which are wrapped in a transparent poly-bag. I couldn't figure out the reason behind this, but I believe it's because there are too many tiny parts in this pack, thus wrapping those parts in another poly bag will make the package not as messy.

[Parts inside the transparent poly bag]

There are total of 50 bricks and parts inside the package, a box of sticker and a instruction manual.

The package containing 3 LEGO minifigs with their respective accessories. They are the Ferrari Race Mechanic with front trolley-jack, Ferrari Refueling Engineer with mobile refueling unit and a Shell Track Scientist with laboratory rack and equipment.

[Race mechanic and his front trolley-jack]

[Laboratory rack and equipment]

[Shell scientist and her laboratory equipment]

[Refueling unit 1]

[Refueling unit 2]

[Refueling engineer and his refueling unit]

These three exclusive LEGO Minifigures were chosen as part of this limited edition collectible to reflect the technical partnership between Shell and Ferrari spans over 60 years.  Together they had run R&D to develop better performing fuels and lubricants, for road and race track.

As usual, there are some extra parts in this package:

Here is the Ferrari F1 pit crews in action:

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For more information about this Ferrari promotion, click the following link:  

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