Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shell LEGO Ferrari Miniature - Ferrari 150° Italia

My second choice of Shell LEGO Ferrari miniature model is the Ferrari 150° Italia. For those who might not aware, here are some facts and background of this car:
  • Ferrari 150° Italia is a Formula One racing car built by Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro to compete in the 2011 Formula One season (taken from Wikipedia)
  • This racing car is driven by Fernando Alonso from Spain and Felipe Massa from Brazil.

Frankly, I was once a small fans (yeah... not a huge one) of Formula One racing. That's why Ferrari 150° Italia miniature is one of my favorite among the series of collection.

When unpacking, you would find there are total of 36 pieces of Lego bricks and parts for you to assemble. 15 pieces in red color, 5 in black, 4 in white, 2 blue and green "helmets" respectively, 4 rims, 4 tyres, a box of stickers and one instruction manual.

The process of assembling is not as easy, but as usual the well illustrated step by step instruction manual is always available to ease your job. Below are the steps to form the Ferrari 150° Italia with the Lego bricks and parts:

Now you get yourself a Ferrari 150° Italia miniature Lego version!

One fun thing about this model is that you're given a chance to choose if you want the Formula One car to be number 5 or number 6's car. So is it just for pure fun or it has certain meaning?

If you have little knowledge on F1 sports, Ferrari 150° Italia No.5 is actually driven by Fernando Alonso and No.6 was by Felipe Massa. So, is up to you to decide if you want your miniature to be Fernando Alonso's car or Felipe Massa's!

When you realized this, it's not too hard to understand why there are 2 colors of choice for the "helmet"! In real life, Fernando Alonso is actually wearing the blueish while Brazilian Felipe Massa used to his greenish helmet. It's very impressed that Lego actually pays attention into such details!

As usual, there are extra parts after the assembling. As I mentioned before "just treat it as spare parts...". Yeah if that logic still true, so this time we have a spare helmet for Fernando Alonso and the greenish are Felipe Massa's helmets which haven't been claimed and the white part is the spare for the wings! ^_^

The miniature's size relative to a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone:

More photos:

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For more information about this Ferrari promotion, click the following link:


  1. Don't even know who are the drivers, I chose 6 because I like the green helmet, haha.

  2. Then how you know the green helmet must go with no.6? Oh yeah.... you follow the instruction manual.... right?

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