Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shell LEGO Ferrari Miniature - Scuderia Ferrari Truck

Save the best for last! Yeah... that's exactly how I felt when I left the Iveco Stralis Scuderia Ferrari Truck to be the last among the 6 LEGO cars model to assemble.

I am not sure why I was having extra excitement about this model, but it gave me the feeling of compact, strong and cool! Furthermore it was the only truck in the collection so that makes it the most outstanding among the 6 models in the collection!

There are total of 40 parts and bricks in this package. 18 are red in color, 10 are black, 3 in light grey, 1 in dark grey, 4 rims, 4 tyres, one box of stickers and a instruction manual.

Unlike the previous models I had assembled, the parts involved in forming the Ivesco's tractor are rather "general". What I mean is you hardly see the specifically designed parts such as the rear part of 250GT Berlinetta or the front part of Ferrari F40 but more to general bricks. That's why I hardly imagine how these "general-looking" bricks and parts can be transformed into such a cool tractor! This had left me with more space of imagination thus added up to the excitement of assembling it!

See how these "general-looking" bricks been stacked to become a cool Iveco Stralis Scuderia Ferrari tractor! It's pretty amazing!!

For those who might not aware, Iveco is actually a company who supplies the Scuderia Ferrari team with the trucks that transport the Formula 1 Grand Prix cars to the world championship race tracks. The partnership between Iveco and Ferrari may explain why this truck been chosen to be one of the Shell LEGO Ferrari collectible item.

The rims are pretty unique and cool too... lets take a close look at them:

Here is the real life Ivesco Stralis Scuderia Ferrari Truck compared to its LEGO miniature version:

As usual, here is the size of the miniature relative to a Samsung Galaxy S2 hand phone:

More photos:

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For more information about this Ferrari promotion, click the following link:


  1. Haha, my daughter accidentally dropped the truck.. Berkecai! Assembly manual threw away already. Thanks for the post! :D

  2. my son purposely disassemble all cars and ask me to 'fix' all and the manual all gone, manage to fixed 3 only and others 3 thanks to your blog manage to fix them all... phew... hahaha

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  5. Thanx a lot for ur post,my nephew dropped all my collections and i lost the manual..


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