Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shell LEGO Ferrari Miniature - 458 Italia

Shell always drive me crazy whenever they have Ferrari model cars promotion. The promotion is back but this time, it is Ferrari miniature cars made from LEGO bricks. The only condition to own a miniature is that you need to purchase fuel from Shell for minimum of RM40.00 then you are entitled to buy one model for RM12.90.

I got my first model - Ferrari 458 Italia. I am not sure why it's my first choice, maybe purely because of its classical yellow that always caught my attention, since typical Ferrari products are red in color. Honestly, this is my first LEGO toy ever! Since small, LEGO is always one of my dream toy to own, but economically not affordable.

There are total of 34 pieces of Lego bricks in the packet for you to assemble. 16 pieces are yellow in color, 3 in black, 1 in red, 1 in white, 5 red "lamps", 4 rims, 4 tyres, a "box" of stickers and one instruction manual.

The assembling are more complicated than you can imagine, but don't worry, you can either try your luck, or you can choose the faster way which is referring to the step by step instruction manual. The good thing is the manual is very well illustrated and "understood friendly" so I believe average people will not have difficulty following it.

Below are roughly the steps to assemble the 458 Italia:

Now you get yourself a Lego miniature version of Ferrari 458 Italia! 

The signature details of 458 Italia such as the triple exhaust and multi-LED front lights are featured in the miniature.

A very weird thing is that after you assemble everything, you will notice there are 2 extra parts which there are no place for them to be fit in. One of my friend told me "Perhaps those are the spare parts...". Well! I find it very convincing! Why not we just treat it as spare parts for the car? What say you?

I also found the "LEGO" wording on every stud of the Lego bricks. This is what original Lego toys is all about isn't it?!!!  One more thing that worth mentioning... the experience of assemble Lego bricks is fabulous! There are no hard pressure needed when assembling the bricks. It just needs a gentle press and the brick will be fit in nicely to its place!!

This is actually the quality LEGO promised! No wonder its toys are quite luxury in price. ^ ^

The size of the miniature relative to a Samsung Galaxy S2 hand phone is as follow:

Comparison with the real 458 Italia:

I am looking forward to other models......

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For more information about this Ferrari promotion, click the following link:


  1. Quickly go grab others models, later no stock liao!

  2. actually i got problem to assemble this. After read this post, the mystery is solved!


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