Friday, October 26, 2012

Dried Beef Noodles @ Lot 10 Kopitiam Sibu

I believe this is the longest interval ever I neglected this blog since I started it in 2008 . I would like to sincerely apologize to all the readers who direct or indirectly waiting for new write up on this blog (if there is any.. ;p ).

Honestly I never forget about updating this blog, just that routine working life had made me suffocate and I couldn't find my mood to come out with a new piece of write up. Furthermore my dull lifestyle disqualified me from having more exciting life experience to be shared about.

Today somehow I get the mood to write something simple. Yeah... it's about food again and what's better to write and share about apart from foods? haha...

This morning I had my breakfast at Lot 10 Kopitiam, Jalan Raminway, the shoplot just beside Star Cineplex Sibu. There is a noodle stall over there serving different variations of beef noodles. The coffee shop is always flooded with patrons, thus I believe there must be something nice there which keep the patrons back.

Beef noodles is one of my favorite. Since the coffee shop serving this, I decided to have a try. There are few variation of beef noodles been served here, you wish to cook the noodles dry or wet and for the beef, one can opt for all beef, the tendon, the innards or mix everything up.

After a short thought, finally I came to a decision to try the most original dry version of beef noodle. The cook asked me to choose which version of Kampua noodle I want, the round one or flat one. I go for the round one with chili sauce.

The beef noodle served on my table didn't give me too much of surprise. The serving portion is quite big, yet the noodle is more like the normal Kampua mee but it was a bit oily and over-chili-sauce. The soup is quite nice and not too salty, but the beef slices are just too paper thin thus lack of chewiness. I bet this was the biggest let down as when talking about beef noodles, I will expect the beef to be thicker and tastier. 

The price is RM 5 per bowl. Consider quite expensive in Sibu's context but overall it still worth you a try. You can also request for added ingredients for RM 7 a bowl.


  1. Am I the only reader now? LOL!
    Better than me la, I'd abandoned my blog for 2 years plus leh!

  2. 樓上~~

  3. 哈哈!我怕我的也不耐久了~ 想不到东西写,也少了那种写的冲动了!都是“飞是不可”惹的祸!哈哈哈!


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