Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kampua @ Rasa Sayang Cafe

Kampua Mee or Foochow called it "Kam-muang" is one of the most famous local delicacy of Sibu until certain extend that Sibu people cannot live without it, seriously! Almost every kopitiam in Sibu will have a stall serving this noodles because that likely will attract more customers visiting the shop and thus boost the business.

If you ask me what is so special about this so called "Kampua"? I would say nothing special really. It is just boiled noodles mixed with sufficient amount of soya sauce, fried onion oil, Ajinomoto and the most important - the porky lard which provide the unique and irresistible aroma to the dish. The noodles then will be topped with pork and fried or/and green onion.

Different people will have their choice of "the best" Kampua served in Sibu. I don't really have a solid opinion on which is the best, but I'm more to recommendation. One of the kopitiam that serves a bowl of nice Kampua that I'll recommend is this shop with a very unique name "Rasa Sayang Cafe" located at Jalan Pahlawan, somewhere near the current Sibu bus terminal.

The place is always crowded with patrons especially during weekend morning craving for their Kampua. I guess one of the reason this kopitiam is so famous is because the kampua here has a very nice porky aroma which just meet the taste buds of Sibu people. Furthermore, the noodles are nicely cooked, not over boiled and remain certain degree of chewiness. All these are the keys to make a plate of good Kampua.

The price is very reasonable too. With the air-cond environment inside the shop, a bowl of Kampua costs RM2.50, just about 20 cents more expensive than the typical non air-cond kopitiam.

I had been there for couple of times, no doubt the Kampua is very tasty! You'll feel of returning after tasted once. However, I personally feel sometimes the Kampua is a bit too oily. This is the thing that may need some improvement.

The Kampua served here is topped with minced pork which look closer to Kolok Mee in Kuching. The typical Kampua normally will just have sliced pork and some fried/green onion topping the noodles. I'll to post  the more typical look of Kampua in my future post hopefully.

Besides Kampua, they also sell Sarawak Laksa and beef noodles. I haven't taste the laksa yet, but tried the beef noodles once. Not too bad, the broth is tasty but lil spicy. It was served with some green vege, red carrot, boiled egg and also quite a few chunk of braised beef. I like the braised beef as they're soft and easy to chew. RM4.00 a bowl. Worth the money!

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  1. oink aroma means it's authentic kampua.
    The laksa use mee, not beehun, or your special order?


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