Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kampua @ Sing Hin Corner

"Kampua" and "Sibu" are 2 terms that are so synonymous. You can get this local specialty at almost every kopitiam you sit in. From breakfast to supper, Sibu people just can't live without it.

There are plenty of low profile coffee shops a.k.a. kopitiam in Sibu who serve very nice Kampua, yet not many people actually talking about and only those patronage aware of them. Among one of this kind of kopitiam is this one named "Sing Hin Corner" located same row as Li Hua Hotel Sibu at Lorong 2, Jalan Lanang.

This Kampua stall is operated by the young man who had started the business for approaching/more than one and a half decade. His style wearing toque at all time when doing his job and preparing foods makes him look like a chef. Besides look pro, it is also for hygiene purpose.

A lot of customers visiting the stall are patrons who had fall in love with his Kampua thus visiting it repeatedly. The shop is always crowded during weekend, so if you wish to visit it on weekend for breakfast, you may need to wait for a longer time before the favorable Kampua will be served on your table. Anyway, the "chef" is very skillful, so the waiting time is relatively short even during peak hours.

I believe one of the reason why his Kampua get its own group of fans is because the noodles is just nicely cooked and not gluey. The ingredients used to produce a plate of Kampua, such as the lard, soya sauce and oil are in the perfect or if not perfect they're in just right ratio. When you slurp the Kampua into your mouth, you can taste the very nice "oink oink" aroma which may make you want to go back to the same place craving for it!

... and this is a more traditional look of a plate of Kampua if compare to the one I reviewed in my previous post served in Rasa Sayang Cafe which is more Kuching Kolok Mee alike. 

There are few version of Kampua you can order from. The most original "white" version, Kampua with black soya sauce (with or without chilli sauce) or you can request for flat version of the noodles. Any of the variation will cost RM2.30 per plate. 

Besides Kampua which is the main attraction dish for the kopitiam, you can also tried the mixed soup at the same stall as it is equally delicious! The soup consists of ingredient such as pork liver, beef tripe, meat balls, fish balls, some deep fried bean curd and green vege and it is very tasty with some Chinese traditional red wine added to it! It is RM2.50 for a regular bowl and RM 4.00 for a big bowl.

There are other choices of foods you may try here such as the Lo Mee, Foochow string noodles with chicken soup, Laksa and so on.

The kopitiam operates as early as 6am every morning, but will be closed in the afternoon hours around 2-6pm then will be opened again from 6pm until around 11pm. 

Looking for authentic Kampua in Sibu? Highly recommend this kopitiam!


  1. only authentic kampua got "oink" aroma.
    They use mee for laksa, not beehun? or you purposely choose mee?

  2. Yeah... I purposely opted Laksa with Kampua instead of Beehun.. the noodles taste better ma, but fatter also la.. ;p


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