Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Short Visit to Memoryland!

This is a place that I was very familiar with, a place that I spent 3 years of my life, a place that I got to know bunch of nice friends from different corner of the country, a place that left me with a lot of sweet memories which I still hardly forget until today. It is Universiti Malaysia Sarawak a.k.a. UNIMAS old/temporary campus at Kota Samarahan! It is my memoryland!

Just happened to went back there with my buddies Chun, Kayel and PY during my trip to Kuching for my roommate's wedding last weekend. Special thanks to PY for making this revisit a success! Despite limited time, she still made her efforts to bring us all the way from Kuching town to our memoryland. Really appreciate this.

The feeling was just too great to describe when you stepped onto the land that you are so familiar with and the land that you left so much of sweet memories there at the time you left it. It was just like you back to your old time and all the past memories were flash back into your mind!

We passed by the restaurant building. Last time it used to be called as the name "Pohon Mas". This was the restaurant we used to have our breakfast, lunch or dinner because its environment was the most romantic among the eating places available in UNIMAS and it was fully air-conditioner.

Opposite Pohon Mas, it was the Surau, the place where all the muslims having their prayers everyday.

Then we stopped not far away from the Surau in front of the hostel we used to stay. It was an in-campus hostel called Sri Samarahan.

So sad to see this hostel had been abandoned already. There were no sign of life, just left broken windows and damaged wall!

We further walked down and finally reached the block we stayed in our first year of university study.

This block was quite seriously damaged already and it was among the earliest hostel block in the temporary campus. The room with a disappeared window and damaged wooden wall was the room Chun and me stayed in during our first year in UNIMAS.

Chun and me walked into the room. We wanted to find back our memory here. We shared this small room in year one. It was really too small to share. We even had to attach our study table to the bed, our bed acted as the place to sleep and also as our chair to study! There was no extra space for chair! Can you imagine that? Although it was small, but we had a great time staying there!

That is the corner I used to hang my wet clothes after washing... and you know what? Both of us could even hear the sound of termites (a.k.a. white ants) bitting the floor at night time when we slept! That was really an unforgettable experience!! A lot of my notes put inside a box was eaten by these termites!

So, because of the termites attack, the wooden floors now were mostly damage. That's why we walked with extra careful when visited it just to prevent the floor collapsed when we stepped on it.

Can you guess what is it? No! It is not the place for you to put plants! It was the place that we used to wash our clothes and this was what happened to it now! All the plants grew up from there! How sad...

The building in photo below initially used to be girls' hostel. We used to call it "police station" because it was painted white with blue strip. Now it was changed to all white. The blocks were still in use as the hostel but it was boys' hostel this time because we saw some new guy's students moved their things in.

We then further drove down to the former UNIMAS main hall. This was where we had our graduation ceremony but I am not sure if it was still in use for other purposes. Didn't have time to walk in to have a look, so basically just stop by and snap some photos from outside.

Our last stop was outside the Faculty of Information Technology! This was one of the place we spent most of our time in because computer labs were here.

Opposite the faulty were the 2 lecture halls we used to attend lecturing. They were named as DK1 (Dewah Kuliah 1) and DK2 (Dewan Kuliah 2). One lecture hall could accommodate about 300 students at one time I guess??

After about 30 minutes of revisit to the old campus, we then left the place with full satisfaction. Although we hoped that we can stay a little bit longer to get back more past memories there, but time was chasing for us. We left the place with heavy heart, yet we always hope we can visit back here again to find back our memoryland, the place that left us with too much of sweet memories!

p/s: Special thanks to PY again for her efforts to bring us here. Otherwise, our dream won't come true!


  1. I missed Pohon Mas Omellete. I remembered I always ordered it after some lectures in the morning as my breakfast. ^ ^

  2. Haha, Pohon Mas cheese omellete was the reason why I piled up 7kg after one semester in UNIMAS. Anyway, great to see all these photos. It was a sad that I did not manage to visit UNIMAS during my last trip to Kuching. Your photos surely brought back a lot of memories. Especially the labs photo, reminds me of how I always sat in front of the computer, looking at my Yahoo mail and keep clicking Refresh for hours hahahahaha!

  3. I seldom order Omellete last time.. too expensive for me at that time... hahahaa..

    but I remember I like to order Pohon Mas's nasi lemak, peng leng jeng... RM2 with a small piece of chicken and fried egg!!

  4. no bad leh, like resort, haha...

  5. Hi.. do you know the name of the Pohon Mas owner back then, the mat salleh ? Heard he passed away already. I have old photos of him in newer Pohon Mas. It would be nice to quote his name along with the photo. Thanks.


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