Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Famous Kolok Mee Shop @ Bishopgate Kuching

This is just another non-halal post from me! ^^

Should I say this is the best kolok mee stall in the cat town of Kuching? I am not sure, but if you wish to eat kolok mee at this coffee shop, you better pray hard so that you can find a place to sit down at the time you reach there.

Otherwise, you just have to stand there and wait... and wait ...and wait, until somebody finish their foods and their buttocks start to leave the chairs... at this very critical moment, make sure you put aside your image, no matter you are a guy or girl and grab the "semi-vacant" chair in the shortest time! Only by then, you are qualified to taste what is so special about the kolok mee here.

Yes! Kuching people should know which coffee shop I was talking about! It is the coffee shop at Bishopgate, a junction from Carpenter Street which I mentioned in my previous post about "Kueh Chap".

The coffee shop is not famous for its name. Not many people will know if you mention about the name "Next Coffee Shop". In fact, this is its new name, new signboard and new shop!

Its old name was "Min Joo", I guess even local Kuching people may not know about this. Before this, the shop was at the most corner shop lot which was just next (to the right) to the current shop. It had been there for many years but somehow the shop owner didn't want to extend the contract. Thus, the coffee shop operator has to find a new place, which is just at the next door. I guess this is where the name "Next Coffee Shop" came from.

Ok, we back to the topic... just now we stopped at you have to put your image aside to grab the vacant table in order to taste the foods here. After you get your seat, the next thing you need to do, is... another long waiting.

Please don't act smart by ordering the foods by yourself because nobody will entertain you! Just sit back and relax while enjoying the hot wind until somebody come to your place to write your order. Well... you have to wait let say 15 - 30 minutes depend on your luck before you get served

After you placed your order, the next thing is still waiting! You can utilize this unproductive time by praying that the food you ordered will come faster. Otherwise, it will be another 15 - 30 minutes of waiting and it much depend on luck!

One more thing, please be advised to go there at least 3 people onwards. Not a big deal if you go there alone or coupling, but be prepared to share table with strangers. This unique culture is called "Dap Toi" in KL and hardly being found in Sarawak. For those who love adventure, maybe it is a good chance to taste the feeling of dinning on the same table with strangers.

Well... the foods finally came after a long long wait! This is "Kolok Mee Jeng". Still remember what is "Jeng"? I did mention about it in my previous post about "Kueh Chap Jeng". It means plain. "Kolok Mee Jeng" means just plain Kolok Mee without adding minced/sliced pork or black soya sauce into the noodles.

Actually there is nothing much to cheer about on the plain noodles itself. What this shop is famous of is this pig innards soup! Most people come to this shop not just to eat its Kolok Mee, but mee with this soup! Even some celebrities from Taiwan such as "Ah Hong" ever came here to taste it!

You can find various pig's innards inside the soup - the intestine, liver, kidney, stomach etc together with boiled pork, minced pork and also seaweeds.

Never try it before? Come and try once! You judge yourself if it worths such long waiting. Some people said "Good foods worth the waiting". I guess there are some truth behind this saying as overwhelming crowd keep visiting to the shop daily although have to fight for seats, suffer the long waiting time and also poor services given!

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