Friday, July 3, 2009

Borneo Cultural Festival 2009 @ Sibu Town Square Starts Today!

Two big events will be held concurrently in Sibu starting today - the 26th National Chinese Cultural Festival and also the annual major event of Sibu, Borneo Cultural Festival 2009. The former will be held from 3rd till 5th July 2009 at Sibu Trade & Exhibition Center whereas the latter will be held from 3rd July 2009 until 11th July 2009 at Sibu Town Square.

The preparation and renovation still on going when I visit the place this morning. The events will only start at evening time today!

At Sibu Town Square, workers are still working hard preparing for the main stage where the main cultural performance will be held.

The dancers were busy with their rehearsal hoping they can give the best performance to the crowd.

Chinese stalls were getting ready for this big events. Each local Chinese clan association is responsible for one stall. Usually these stalls will be used to sell traditional foods by each clan. Decoration and beautifying works still on progress.

Usually Teo Chew Association invested the most in beautifying their stall. That's why they had won the best decorated stall for few years in a row.

At the other side of Town Square, non-chinese, such as Iban, Melanau and Malay's stalls are ready to welcome the visitors.

Crossing the road to the 2nd phrase of Sibu Town Square is where trade exhibition and fun fair will be held.

When I saw these big machines being displayed, suddenly something funny strike my mind. I was thinking how nice if these machines can transform to be Constructicons then further combine themselves to be a giant Devastator!! Gosh! I think Transformers fever still hitting me!!

So, for those who have no where to go, maybe you should visit to this cultural festival! Those from outstation, Sibu welcome you!!

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  1. wen, thanks for sharing. I am a Siburian but never have a chance to go to this festival, sad .. But, with your sharing, I least I am not totally 'lost' :-)


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