Thursday, July 9, 2009

Delicous Kueh Chap @ Carpenter Street Kuching

Kueh Chap - one of my favorite Kuching food. The term Kueh Chap is actually comes from Hokkien where the word "Kueh" means cake, in this case it is rice flour cake wider than Kueh Tiaw and the word "Chap" means mixtures, the mixture of pork, its organ, some deep fried tauhu (a.k.a. Tauhu Pok) and special herb soup.

One of the very famous Kueh Chap stall in Kuching is the one located opposite Shang Di Temple near Carpenter Street.

The Kueh Chap stall is not too hard to find because it is located at a very unique food court at Carpenter Street. It is just behind the old shoplots opposite Kuching water front and parallel to it. If you see a place looks like a temple and facing a temple but it is actually an eating place with various food stalls, congratulation!! I guess you have found the place!

When ordering Kueh Chap, you can choose if you want the "Kueh" or not. In Kuching, if you want to order Kueh Chap without the "Kueh", you just tell the cook "Kueh Chap Jeng". Some people may choose not to have the rice flour cake for health sake as rice flour contain high carbohidrate which may lead to obesity.

Anyway, eating Kueh Chap with the "Kueh" makes the food taste less salty as the "Kueh" itself are tasteless. Beside the "Kueh" you can also choose which part of pork you like or don't like to be added to the foods, such as pork skin, pork ears, pork stomach, pork tongue and pork intestine.

This Kueh Chap at Carpenter Street sold at RM4.00 for a small bowl, RM5.00 for a big bowl and RM6.00 for special serving with extra ingredients added.

The price was increased already. Still remember about few years ago, one regular bowl only cost about RM3.00 or RM3.50.

Beside Kueh Chap, you can also find Sarawak Laksa and some other famous and delicious foods at this eating venue in Kuching!

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