Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Moment With Sibu Maddest Man! (Part 2)

In my previous post, I was talking about the "maddest" man in Sibu, Hii Tiong Huat. You know what? I met him last weekend when I was having tea with friends! Below is our conversation.

My friend: You see, you see, that is the guy always in the newspapers.
Me: Where? where?
My friend: Neh... Neh...
Me: Oooo... he is Hii Tiong Huat la...
My friend: You know, I met him once in a public talk, he can speak English quite well!
Me: Really? He doesn't look like one!

(After some observation)
Me: I think he's selling newspapers.
My friend: I think so.

(After further observation)
Me: I think he is selling Keadilan and Rocket Press.
My friend: Mmm...
Me: Later if he come here, I wanna take photo with him!!
My friend: Are you serious?
Me: Of course I am!!
So I handed my camera to my friend...

Hii walked from one table to another trying to sell off the press in his hand. Finally, he approached our table.
Hii: Sir, want to buy one Gong Zheng Bao? (Keadilan Press)
Me: Ok, give me one. How much?
Hii: RM3
Me: It is more expensive than Rocket Press!
Hii: Yes! RM1 more expensive.
Me: Can we take a photo?
Hii: Why not? You people are very good, not afraid of me!
Me: Why should I afraid of you? You are a famous man! You never did wrong thing. Why I need to scare?
Hii: But a lot of people scare of me when they met me.
Me: Really? Come take photo. Friend be prepared!
My friend: Ok ok! 1... 2... (catcha)!
Me: One more one more...
My friend: 1... 2... (catcha)!

Before I could say thank you to Hii, suddenly..
Hii: Wait, wait! I want also!
Me: (Thinking inside my heart - Har? 2 photos still not enough and he wants more?)

Then, he put is hand into his pocket and took out a digital camera, either Nikon or Olympus if I am not mistaken. I was caught in shock! He handed the camera to my friend.
Hii: Please help us to take a photo. (Then he turned to me) Come we take one more.
My friend: 1.. 2.. (catcha)!
Hii: Thank you thank you!
Me: Thank you!

After Hii took back his camera from my friend, he shake hand with us before he continued to sell newspapers at other tables.

He's quite a friendly old man I can say. The best thing is I see with my own eyes his specially made uniform with his big name and bank account number written on it! (Till now I still wonder who is the designer of that t-shirt...)

A moment of me with Sibu "maddest" man!


  1. cool, man!... i salute you... if me, I sure do not dare to take photo with a 'mad' man... hehehe

  2. oooh god.... HII & Choo !!!!! Choo, you bring your camera anytime ?!?!? hahahhaha..... cool man.


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