Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Xmas Parade 08

Christmas parade is an annual event in Sibu as Christianity is the strongest religion in this place. Usually, the parade will be held on the last weekend before Christmas day.

This year it had been held on 20th December 2008 Saturday, which was just 3 days ago. On the day itself, sky was dark and rain kept pouring heavily especially few hours before the event start.

However, about half an hour before the parade started, the rain became slower and smaller. Even until the last minute before the marching, you could still feel the rain dropped on your face. However, when the event officially started and the first band playing musical instruments being heard from far, the rain totally stopped. Wow! I was thinking... maybe that's what people called "The power of God"??!!

The parade started with VVIPs walking in front. Well, honestly I am not sure the purpose, but seems this phenomena had became a norm in every parade. Maybe it means VVIPs celebrate the event together with people or VVIPs feel it is the good time to show his face hence promote himself? But I prefer if they can visit us at house from time to time to listen and help us solve our problems. You can't help much by showing face!

The VVIPs team was led by Robert Lau, yeah our deputy minister in Ministry of Housing and Local Government (Toilet division I guess ;p). He is a local here.

[Robert Lau was waving to the crowd leading the parade]

I will not elaborate too much on this event as the photos below are self-explanatory. Anyway, as a whole, the parade had nothing much different from the previous years with church marching, bands from schools, Boys Brigade (BB), Girls Brigade (GB) and Scout and some people made up as Santa Claus to give away xmas gifts in the form of sweets which kids love the most. The most exciting part - as always is the decorated vehicles!

Enjoy the photos!

++++++ Church Marching ++++++

[Iban Christians with their pretty yet heavy traditional costume leading their church's march]

[Black or white groups]

[Colorful groups]

++++++ Live Bands ++++++

[Boys Brigade Band]

[Girls Brigade with band]

[Young Girls Brigade playing mouth organ]

[Other bands]

[Combination of BB and GB band with neon light decorating the musical instruments - kind of special]

++++++ Santa Claus ++++++

[Modern Santa using mountain bike?]

[Sweets given which is kids favorite!]

++++++ Decorated Vehicles ++++++

[Sweet and pretty angels on a decorated vehicle]

[Jesus and the manger]

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