Friday, December 26, 2008

Xmas Tea Party

Company through its recreational club had organized a Christmas tea party on the afternoon of Christmas eve. The event was held at company's lobby.

The main objective of the event is to provide a platform for company's staffs to meet one another and celebrate the upcoming Christmas celebration. Therefore, not much program had been arranged. Just some refreshment and long service award presentation as well as lucky draws.

For the refreshment, it was a light one with drinks, jellies and pastries. Besides these, the most favorite one was a big grilled turkey which weight around 5kgs. Honestly, this was my first time saw a turkey although I had been seeing it through tv for few times.


[Delicious egg tarts]

[Pastries and jellies]

[The refreshment]

Remember there was an episode in Mr Bean tv series showing Mr Bean was preparing to cook a turkey but somehow his head stuck in it? Well, if you still have some impression on that turkey, this one is not as big as that. It's certainly not enough for hundred over staffs joining this party. That's why, people including me were "fighting" to get at least a piece of turkey because in normal day, it's harder to have chance tasting this food.

[5kgs grilled turkey]

[People were "fighting" over a turkey]

[Cutting the turkey certainly need some skills]

For long service award presentation, those working for the company for over 10 years and above were given appreciation in the form of recognition certificate for the service. For those working for the company for 10 and 15 years onward, laminated certificate was given. Those serviced for 20 and 25 years onward, a silver-framed cert was issued whereas gold-framed is for those working more than 30 years for the company.

[Long service award certificates]

For lucky draw session, there were more than 20 gifts were given away. Normally I am one of the most unlucky person when come to lucky draw, but this time unbelievably my name was the 2nd being drawn!

[Lucky draw gifts]

Should I consider myself lucky or unlucky? I got the smallest gift out of many big big one! Well, I think I should appreciate with what I got because still a lot of staffs whose name were not being drawn! God! I was so lucky!!

[I won the second prize of lucky draw!]

When I opened the gift to see what is inside, well it was a pair of B.U.M's stocking! Maybe it is just nice for me to hang it on the wall and waiting for Santa to put a xmas gift inside! HAHA! Just kidding. It was a very nice stocking which I think I can wear it during upcoming Chinese New Year!

[My lucky draw gift - a nice BUM stocking]


  1. 一只火鸡太少了啦!!我没有吃到!!!干干干干干干干干干

  2. wen, the socks looks very nice lah.... lucky you, can get a BUM equipment socks..


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