Sunday, December 14, 2008

Xmas Cum CNY Theme

Don't get shocked when you discovered my blog site now is red in color instead of the default green. There is nothing wrong with your monitor as well as your computer system. So, don't slap hard on your monitor in order to get back the green color.

Actually, I changed the color scheme in my blog site as a way to celebrate 2 very significant celebrations in our life - Christmas which is just about 2 weeks to go and also Chinese New Year which falls on 26th January 2009, just about one month plus to go.

So from today on till the end of Chinese New Year, you will be seeing my blog in red color. I had spent almost half a day working on this. It's certainly not easy and time consuming.

You are welcome to give your personal opinion and feedback on the new color scheme. I hope the new color scheme can bring more feeling of celebration and happiness on these important days in our life.


  1. woooh, red color theme, surprise...... no bad of visual effects.

  2. I'd tried to change my blog color as well few days ago, with dark grey bg and deep red front color. But my sense of design really too poor, I feel my blog so gayish after changed to pink and red. That's why u can see my bg has been changed to dark color now,but the front color remains unchanged.

    But I like ur color scheme, they are so matched.

    Hey wen, as a "top" designer, how bout u design a color theme for mine blog, haha.

  3. hahaa.. top designer? don't kidding me.. actually I also use try an error method. Just try any color combination you like then use your own eyes to judge if the colors are eyes pleasure. If you feel it is.. then it is and just feel comfortable to use it.

    Maybe that's how I became so called "top" designer... you can try it too! ;)


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