Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 08!

Today is Christmas Day! Wish all the Christians especially those constantly supporting my blog - Merry Christmas! For non-Christian, Happy holiday!

[One of the Christmas decoration in town - Christmas trees with "Happy Christmas" wording!]

Christmas is one of the most important celebration in Sibu as majority of Sibu people are Christians. You can see Christmas decoration are everywhere throughout the town especially in major shopping complexes.

[Xmas Decoration in major shopping centers]

In conjunction with the season greeting, as last year, the local council organized a Christmas trees competition. 13 giant Christmas trees including 12 by participants and one by the local council had been set up near the town square which shows the creativity of the participants in Xmas trees creation and decoration.

[Xmas trees competition at Sibu Town Square]

Till this moment the winner is still unknown. Well, I am doubt actually if it's a competition or just purely for display purpose. Anyway, last year the same event had been held during the Christmas as well and it was a competition where the winner was announced.

Below are day and night shot of each giant Christmas trees where you can find them in town square.

[Teng Hong Aluminium and Glass Sdn Bhd]

[Delta The Market Place]

[Daesim Group]

[Melanau Catholic Welfare Organization]

[Sing Kwong]

[Zoo Bee Garden Bonsai Centre]

[Sibu Municipal Council]


[Sing Ang Tong Methodist Church]

[PPGS - Pejabat Pelajaran Gabungan Sibu]

[Methodist Masland Church]


Personally, I like this one the most. I think it's the most creative and special xmas tree among the 12 participants. It was created using hundreds of plastic bottles filled with colored liquid.


[The "tree" was created with plastic bottles filled with colored liquid]

[Close look of the plastic bottles]


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