Thursday, March 12, 2009

View of Sri Aman

Sri Aman is the 2nd division of Sarawak which formerly known as the name Simanggang. The name later changed to Sri Aman as this is the place where Kalimantan communist signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Sarawak government in year 1973. That's why the word "Sri Aman" was chosen where "Aman" means peacefulness. Sri Aman brings the meaning of "Town of peace" and therefore pigeons became the symbol of Sri Aman as pigeons symbolized peacefulness.

[Pigeons sculpture which became the symbol of Sri Aman]

A lot of you may not realize that this small town in Sarawak actually serves special meaning to me and my siblings. We actually had a lot of sweet childhood memories here because this is the town where our lovely maternal grandparents as well as relatives stay. Since we were still small, my mother used to bring us here to visit our grandparents especially during year end school holiday.

Therefore, even though now we were all working, my siblings and I always try our best to steal some times visiting this small town and find back our valuable childhood memories here. This time around, I only managed to went there for 2 days and 2 nights. Certainly it was too short but I had a good time there!

For those who never being to Sri Aman before, I shared some photos here to give you some idea on how Sri Aman town looks like. It is a place worth for short visiting, but long staying may bored you.

[Hoover Hotel - one of the tallest building in Sri Aman town center. Ground floor is Everrise Departmental Store, the only supermarket in Sri Aman.]

[Former cinema building now being used as a hotel]

[Yayasan Sarawak building along the main Sri Aman Bazaar]

[View of some colorful and unique buildings]

[SESCO building in Sri Aman]

[Old shop lots]

[A row of old buildings in town]

[Old Simanggang Foochow Association building near town center]

[Old Standard Chartered Bank building but being fully renovated to be modern-looking ]

[A big temple near riverside of Lupar River]

[The one and the only traffic light in Sri Aman]

[KFC and CCK also available in Sri Aman]

[Another newly built building]

[Some street views]

Sri Aman is famous for its Benak or tidal bore. Tidal bore is a tidal phenomenon in which the leading edge of the incoming tide forms a wave (or waves) of water that travel up a river or narrow bay against the direction of the current. This natural phenomenon only happened in few location of the world and Sri Aman is one of them.

This is one of the tourism attraction point of Sri Aman. Therefore, every year there will be a carnival called Pesta Benak held in Sri Aman which attracted a lot of local as well as foreign tourists visiting the place during this carnival.

In conjunction with tourism efforts, government are now building a tidal bore observation station near the riverside. The construction just started and still in the early stage and I guess after another 6 months to a year, when you visit Sri Aman, you will be able to see this observation center near town center of Sri Aman. It is a positive development to the small town especially in tourism area.

[Signboard showing tidal bore observation station construction]

[Construction in progress]


  1. look like ok to visit oh, right ? planning....

  2. ya im thinking to stop by here there any cheap2 hostel or motel around rm25-30 here.


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