Saturday, March 28, 2009

Met With GT Girls @ One Utama

Met with few GT girls (a.k.a race queens) this morning when I went to One Utama. There is a Serpang F1 promotion over there. I think I won't say much, a lot of "buaya" won't even care what I am writing at this moment. Most of them will just staring at the GT girls.

These are 2 of them. From their appearance, should be foreign GT girls. I am not sure why one of them need to cover her body with white cloth. Perhaps she is having flu or too shy?

Another 2 I think should be foreign GT girls as well. These 2 are very tall! Not even dare to stand beside them! ;p

Then the follwoing 2 GT girls are chinese! I prefer these 2. Look really sexy and attractive. They stood behind me, no wonder just now when I played the F1 simulation race game, my Maclaren F1 car kept out of control and ran out from track! Damn! As the result, I got last in the race! (Thanks for Jackyfoxking who helped me to shot this photo!)

You see, my hand was shaking when I tried to shot on this pretty GT girl! Maybe I was too nervous! Sorry for that! The 2 Chinese GT girls were help in setting up the simulation race and giving instruction before the race start.

Oh ya! I also requested the GT girls to pose beside the very sexy sports car so that I could take some shots (actually I just find an excuse to take her photo la... ^_^). When sexy car meet with pretty girl, this give me the "Fast and Furious" feel! This pretty girl initially felt a bit shame when I requested her for photo, but she still made a very nice posing beside the Mazda sports car! (Don't ask me about the car model, that time I just concentrate on the GT girls ok?) ;p

I also had the opportunity to shot on another model posing beside a Volkswagen rally car. Today I am so lucky meeting with so many leng loi!!

P/s: OMG! I just noticed that I didn't take close shot on these GT girls face! Damn!


  1. Can't say much, saliva dripping now (¯﹃¯)

  2. Aiyo... you know... i nearly wanna spend whole day there!! Felt so hard to leave the place!!

  3. why you so nervous, photo become blur blur one.

  4. Hahahaha... just open your blog. Interesting but yet worth while. Since you in KL, do enjoy ur stay here.
    Sparkish: Our friend nervous coz those GT Girls willing to pose for his cam. Salute to u bro. Maybe next time i bring you guys to auto show in KL. Sure nose bleed.


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