Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Working Trip Accomodation

Finally I found some time to update my blog. I should update it daily if possible but sometimes I was too busy to do so. I better do it fast now, or else I might be asked to help in some tasks related to work.

So, I told you that I will stay in KL for about 2 months or so. Company rented an condominium near Bukit Jalil to let us stay in. It is called Savanna Condo, a new condo in this area and still for sale. Actually not many people move in yet.

Take a look at the condo I stayed. If you are interested after seeing my photos... you can call the following numbers to book or buy one!

This is the front view of Savanna Condo that I stayed. As usual, there is a guard house at the main entrance. Can you see the apartment behind with balcony? Yeah, the first unit with balcony is the unit that I stayed in.

These are the view from the balcony. Bukit Jalil National Stadium can clearly seen. If you look down from balcony, you can see a golf court! Gosh!! This is luxury lifestyle! Playing golf under the hot sun!

There are quite a lot of facilities available for the resident here. The playground is suitable for families with kids.

Then there is a swimming pool. The scenery of the swimming pool is nice!

Sauna room is also available. But I think KL is hot enough, do you think you still need sauna to make you sweating? Well, maybe this is what people call "luxury life" that I never understand!

Ok, just now I brought you to a brief tour on the condo I am staying in. You may feel it is so nice with such good environment and facilities provided. Yes! It is nice if you have time to use those facilities. But I guess most KL people are too busy for that except maybe weekend.

Ok, now bring you to see how my unit looked like when the first day we moved in! It was a mess at the living room!! A lot of stuffs like electricity was not properly installed yet. Then a lot of boxes, dirt at the living room. The things were belongs to house owner.

There were no curtain yet in any of the room! Can you imagine, the big glass door with no curtain? Gosh! Somebody may see me changing clothes!!

Then there was a messy balcony!

This is the master bedroom that I stayed in. I am sharing a room with a colleague. Can you imagine the big windows just beside the bed without curtain?

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