Friday, March 20, 2009

My Working Routine Life In Metropolitan

The working routine life in big city is really hectic. First of all, you need to wake up early because normally it takes time for you to reach your office. Unless you are staying nearer to your workplace but how many can stay near? Traffic jam is a big headache in metropolitan. So basically people will use public transport such as Light Railway Transit (LRT).

For me, everyday I have to wake up early at 5.30am! Imagine that? This is the best time to sleep! Every morning I wake up, my head is spinning! But we have to take turn using bathroom, so better prepare earlier than late. After I am done, if still have time I will take a simple breakfast. Well, maybe just some biscuits or breads. That's all. No more kampua!

[6.30am - Time to depart]

Then after everybody is done with their cloth changing, make up, morning exercise, bla bla bla.... (well, how do I know what they do in their room?) usually around 6.30am, this is the time we have to start our journey to the office.

We first have to walk to the nearest LRT station, which spent us about 12 - 15 minutes of walking distance. The Bukit Jalil Star line LRT station is just beside Bukit Jalil Stadium. Therefore everyday we have to walk pass Bukit Jalil Stadium. It is a very nice building. Everytime I see it I'll "WAH!".

[Bukit Jalil Star LRT Station - "Bukit Jalil" look right?]

As this LRT station is within the Bukit Jalil sports complex's compound, therefore it is very "Bukit Jalil" look. I guess you should know what I mean. Don't play play with this station, it is the venue where Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones meet towards the end of the movie "Entrapment" (Thanks for my brother-in-law who notify me about this ;p ).

[This is the station where Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones met in Entrapment!]

Ok, back to the topic, from Bukit Jalil Stadium, we will stop at Hang Tuah station. We have to pass through 8 LRT stations before reaching Hang Tuah station. Bukit Jalil - Sungai Besi - Tasik Selatan - Bdr Tun Razak - Salak Selatan - Cheras - Chan Sow Lin - Pudu -Hang Tuah. This take us around 20 minutes and the ticket costs RM1.90.

[Inside view of Star LRT train]

[Hang Tuah Star LRT station]

From Star line Hang Tuah station, we then have to walk few staircases to reach a monorail station also named as Hang Tuah Station. From there we will transit to Raja Chulan Station. Hang Tuah - Imbi - Bukit Bintang - Raja Chulan. This around 5 minutes route costs RM1.20.

[Hang Tuah monorail station]

[Inside a monorail headed to Raja Chulan station]

When reach Raja Chulan station, we then have to walk for another 10 minutes or so before we reach our office at UOA building. The whole route from Savanna Condo to UOA building took us about one hour. Definitely it is tiring and cause sweating, but this is the routine working life in metropolitan such as Kuala Lumpur.

[7.30am - The time we arrive at the office usually]

[Raja Chulan Monorail Station]

[Monorail coming!]

Don't forget, we have to follow the same routine again to go back after work! Gosh! It is really tiring I tell you! Before we go back, we will stop somewhere to take our dinner. It is too hard to find a eating place nearby near my condo unless you got a car.

This is my routine working life currently.

P/s: (Note to my brother-in-law, Bukit Jalil to Chan Sow Lin Station will take about 30 15 minutes)


  1. Indeed tiring. Nice watch by the way :)

  2. Thanks PS...
    New watch eh...

    people buy NB when wanna come KL
    but I only afford to buy a watch ;(
    too shame for me!
    (actually the watch is a gift from my bro and his gf la... heheehe)

  3. wen, i have been living like this since how many cow years back... counting from my study time in KL till now, I have been in KL for 14 yrs... cant imagine.
    thks for sharing the journey time to Chan Sow Lin, will tell jiefu abt it. By the way, our 2 kids love you so much and they keep hoping you are coming to our place again over the weekends :-) you are really a charming uncle to them! Thks

  4. Cutie pie has a cutie uncle wen :)

  5. what time u start work? u reach at 7.30am .... doesn't it too early? then u shud catch a nap in office. I do that last time when I was working in KL. I reached office bout 7.15am... nap to 8am, go for breakfast nearby office. Came back to work at 8.45am sharp. ^ ^

  6. Yeah... is a bit early but my working time is at 8am not 9am! hahaha! But I consider it "early" cause in my hometown I only go to work at 7.50am! ;p


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