Monday, March 30, 2009

Kepong Ba Kut Teh

All these while I just knew that Klang is famous of its Ba Kut Teh. I never realized that there was actually one shop in Kepong which is famous of this food as well.

Last Saturday my KL landlord and his friends brought us to a coffee shop at Kepong to taste the very famous Ba Kut Teh over there. The trip from Bukit Jalil Savannah Condo to this shop took us about 45 minutes.

When we arrived there, the shop was full. A lot of people were there just for Ba Kut Teh. Restoran Kim Tek is the restaurant's name.

[Outside view of Kim Tek Restaurant]

After looking for a while, we finally found a place to sit down, a table which could accommodate 8 persons, who drove 2 cars all the way from Bukit Jalil to Kepong just to taste the Ba Kut Teh.

[Kim Tek Restaurant in Kepong - famous of its Ba Kut Teh]

The business was extremely overwhelming! The workers had to run up and down just to deliver foods to the customers. Yes! I am talking about running and not walking. That should give you a picture how good the business is.

[The worker was running when delivering foods]

I could also hear the taukehnio shouted everywhere just to make sure orders could reach the cook as fast as possible.

[Claypot Ba Kut Teh on cook]

Landlord's friend, SC ordered 2 big pots of Ba Kut Teh and also some side orders. Sorry, I didn't know the exact term of these foods, perhaps the photos can tell you what they are.

[Kepong Bak Kut Teh]

[Ba Kut Teh and other side orders]

["Yiu Cha Kueh"]

[The colon]

[Fried bean curd]

About the taste, well I didn't have much comment on it as I am not an expert of Ba Kut Teh. Anyway, I could say that it was quite delicious, not much different from the one I ate in Klang before. The few differences I could notice are that the soup here was more concentrated than the one in Klang and the medical aroma was a little heavier. One more thing is that customers could choose which part of pork they prefer to cook the Ba Kut Teh.

[The bone]

At the end of the meal, SC paid slightly more than a hundred for it. Yes! it was his treat! Thanks SC, my landlord and his friends for this wonderful meal!

[The tea pack]

[The tea]

[Boiling water machine]


  1. Alex and my in-laws love this place too! But long time din go liao... :)

  2. i want to try Klang BKT if got chance, haha.

  3. Sounds like this shop is really famous...

  4. Klang BKT not that good eventually. You all can ajak IJ to bring you guys out. I can suggest Mungo Jerry at Jalan Raja Laut for BKT. Try the Dried Curry Pork and the BKT. Really nice. Last visit there was 1 year back. This is because of pai seh incident where me, my wife and my sis order all type of dish which is pork and all the people looking at us. But in the end, we manage to finish it.


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