Monday, March 2, 2009

Yamcha Across Igan River @ Fong Hing Seafood House

The 3 single-available guys - Sparkish, Rojak Toh and me went yamcha again! The idea was initiated by Sparkish and he was kind enough to drive from north to south then back to north again just to fetch us and made this yamcha session a success.

This time, Sparkish was crazy enough to bring us to a restaurant across the Igan river just for yamcha. Actually before this, the idea of yamcha across the river already being suggested by Sparkish for few times, yet because of some unavoidable circumstances, the plan had been forced to cancel.

This trip was not an easy one either. On the way to the restaurant through Igan Bridge, we met an extremely heavy downpour which caused driving difficult. However, after about 15 minutes of careful driving, we finally arrived at this restaurant just at the roadside, Fong Hing Seafood House.

[Outside view of Fong Hing Seafood House]

The seafood house is actually a double-storey bungalow which the owner use the ground floor as restaurant and upper floor is reserved for their own usage, probably for staying.

[The inner view with plenty of spaces]

The space for the restaurant is big and comfortable, yet only around 12 tables being stationed there. Maybe it is because of its location near rural area thus the restaurant owner didn't expect too many customers at one time? Just a guessing, but definitely the space can accomodate more than 12 tables, probably 18 would still be comfortable.

[Menu displayed clearly on wall]

The menu was displayed big and clear on the wall, but mostly are quite heavy foods. It is a good place for dinner, yet not preferable for supper.

For drink, I ordered 3-layer-milktea, one of my favorite drink! Sparkish went for wheatgrass ice and Rojak Toh tried a more special drink, something like lemon plum ice. Not quite sure what is it called.

[Drinks - Special lemon plum ice, wheatglass ice and my favorite 3-layer-milktea]

The 3-layer-milktea tasted quite nice with very thick ingredients added in. However I was not sure if they put in too much of pandan coloring or what, my drink became totally green in color after I stirred it. This not normally happened in 3-color-milktea with pandan flavor. Even my toungue was dyed with green color after I drank it which caused Sparkish and Rojak Toh kept laughing at my ghost-looking tongue!

[My 3-layer-milktea became totally green after stirring]

For foods, Sparkish ordered a claypot fish noodles. Not sure what kind of fish they used for this dish, but overall it looked nice and delicious. However, the box paper under the claypot used as heat insulation a little bit affected my appetite. The claypot fish noodles costed RM8.

[Claypot fish noodles]

Rojak Toh had not much idea what he would like to order as he just took his dinner about an hour ago. After a long thought, he decided to go for more ordinary one - sizzling fried noodles. The noodles looked not bad really, although it was ordinary, but the noodles came with quite a variety of ingredients such as red carrots, vegetables, mushrooms, eggs and some sotong as well! It costed RM4.

[Ordinary sizzling noodles]

My turn to order. Well, actually I was looking for lighter foods as I tried not to further expand my belly! Yet there was no light foods available on the menu. I was planning to consider longer before placing my order, but the big size guy - about 3 times larger than me who was writing the order sounds a bit impatient already. Therefore, I quickly scanned through the menu on the wall and first dish that caught my eyes was this - Sizzling prawn noodles! "Ok, just give me sizzling prawn noodles", I told the giant guy hopefully he won't lose his patient.

[Sizzling prawn noodles still boiling]

When the giant guy was writing the order, suddenly I thought of why not I order Kueh Tiaw instead of noodles as Kueh Tiaw has lower carbohidrate than noodles and that may minimize the impact to my belly. Thus, with scared voice, I asked the giant guy, "Halo... err... can I change noodles to Kueh Tiaw?". The giant guy replied me softly, "Of course you can". Gosh! Scare the hell out of me! Luckily he didn't kick me out! I felt more relief after that.

[Closer look on the sizzling prawn noodles]

The sizzling prawn noodles tasted quite nice with about 5 middle size white prawns, some red carrots, baby corns, mushroom and also fried bean curds. However, I think the white prawns were not fresh enough.

[Look yummy?]

Maybe a lot of you may not know I am "selective allergic" (TM) to prawns just like some people are "selective myso". (If you have no idea why I mentioned about selective myso, just forget about it.. nothing important really). Why I said "selective allergic"? Because I'll allergic and my mouth and throat will feel the itchiness if I eat prawns which are fresh enough. I didn't feel any uncomfortable inside my mouth or throat while eating those white prawns, so I dare to say that they were not fresh enough. Honestly, they didn't have much taste. The sizzling prawn noodles was priced RM10.

[Mini Kailan fried with oyster sauce]

To add more nutricious, vitamins and fibers to our supper, Sparkish then placed a side order - mini Kailan fried with oyster sauce.

Gosh! Those noodles were really big portion and I felt very full after eating it! Felt so guilty for myself and my stomach! To make myself feel better, I tried to convience myself that I didn't eat like this frequently! (I was cheating myself! How fool I am?!!).

Before we went back home, Sparkish gave us a ride to a deeper part of the rural area. We almost fly into the river when we didn't realize we were approaching the end of the road because there aren't any road sign! Luckily Sparkish didn't drive fast and stepped the brake on time. ;p We also accidentally met a Proton Wira parking at the end of the road with some people in there... well I think you can imagine what they were doing at such quiet and dark condition... we guessed so at least... hehehee... what do you think?

Thanks Sparkish for making this yamcha session a succes!


  1. My drink was 咸梅桔 or Jus Cinta.
    And you should go shoot photo at that wira and post it here, haha.

  2. owen, so nice ar. can always test the food. i also want leh. hehehee.... but no special food like urs on the blog. :p

  3. hahaha, i like 车震!!ooh yeah....

  4. 再来就是Sibu Jaya咖哩面了,hohohoho....我帮你们plan好了,等我的call吧。

  5. Kayel... that also need to thanks my friend who willing to bring me here and there to eat ma... if not maybe you will just see home cooking in my blog liao... hehehe

  6. 不错的建议。。

  7. 不管啦!!工作压力大,吃吃吃!!!


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