Monday, March 16, 2009

My First Working Trip

Don't have much time and energy to tell you the long story, so basically I just share some photos with you all about my first working trip to KL yesterday with MAS Airlines. It had been quite sometimes I didn't fly with MAS since AirAsia dominated the budget domestic flight, but trust me sometimes MAS not necessary more expensive than AirAsia!

These were the colorful seats in Boeing 737-400 of MAS that I had boarded. Look quite cheering and refreshing. I was sitting almost at the back row - seat 24A.

Lunch inside the flight! Here is the cover. Didn't try any in-flight meal since using AirAsia.

2 lunch sets to choose from, noodles with fish and tomato chicken rice.

I chose tomato chicken rice. Beside rendang chicken, there were also some salted vegetables. The taste? Well, it looked nice but taste nothing special.

I found this salted butter quite special. A cross shape. It was for applying on the bread given.

I got nothing to do in the flight, so took some scenery from the sky.

The cloud view. Wonderful isn't it?

I saw a very beautiful seaside from the airplane!

We finally arrived at KLIA at about 1.45pm. Long time haven't being to KLIA.

Waiting for luggage. Long queue man!

I got a souvenir from MAS near the exit!

After paying for cabs, we then headed to the condominium at Bukit Jalil. Stay tune! There will be more photo coming!!


  1. Wah, got MAS souvenir... u guys so lucky! I love chocolate!


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