Friday, March 13, 2009

Sri Aman Cha Kueh

There are not much of specialty foods from Sri Aman that I could introduce to you. Anyway, this one is particularly my favorite! The Sri Aman Cha Kueh or foochow called it Cha Kui. It is fried rice cake with eggs and chai po (savoury).

[The famous Cha Kueh stall in Sri Aman]

This Cha Kueh stall in Sri Aman had operated more than a decade already I guess. Since I was small and visited the town, my lovely uncles or aunties or grandfather would tapao this food for us. Even until now, I still never get bored of it. Thus, whenever I visit Sri Aman, I would never forget to taste the food!

[The cook was frying the rice cakes in pan]

Honestly, this Cha Kueh is the most delicious Cha Kueh I ever ate! No offence, ok? This is my personal point of view. I had tried few Cha Kueh stalls in Kuching, but I never like those Cha Kueh as they were mostly not tasty enough. The way they cook were not thorough hence the aroma couldn't penetrate the rice cakes when they fried it.

[Frying the yummy Cha Kueh]

But for this Sri Aman Cha Kueh, the cook fried the rice cakes more thoroughly. Therefore when the final food is served to the customers, the taste was really delicious! The aroma spread equally to each and every piece of the rice cakes, that's why it is so yummy!

[Eggs are one of the main ingredient to fry Cha Kueh]

[Those Cha Kueh were ready to be served to the customers]

You can have 2 flavours of Cha Kueh to choose from. One is the salty Cha Kueh. The rice cakes were deep fried with oil before they were fried again on a pan with eggs and chai po. The taste? Yummy!!

[Salty Cha Kueh]

[A plate of salty Cha Kueh costs RM2.50]

[The sauce]

The 2nd type - sweet Cha Kueh. The ingredients are almost the same with the salty one, but the sweet Cha Kueh is fried with sweet soya sauce and the rice cakes were not deep fried before they were cooked on pan.

[This is how a plate of sweet Cha Kueh looks like]

If you ask me which one is more delicious, I would say it depends on individual preference. Some said the salty one better but some prefer sweet one. As for me, I like both. The better way to eat is to mix both salty and the sweet one. That will make the Cha Kueh even yummy!!

[Closer look of the sweet Cha Kueh]

The price? Normal serving is RM2.50 per plate. But if you wish to order bigger portion, you can go for RM3.50, RM4.00 and RM5.00.


  1. wen, i miss those cha kuey so much....

  2. Owen, i know this was an old post but do you know if they are still operating this day.


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