Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hunting For GT Girls!

I know... after my post about GT girls yesterday, a lot of "buaya" out there were drooling an hoping for more GT girls! Ok... just to satisfy those hungry "buaya", today I went out whole day just to seek for more GT girls again!

I started from Time Square, but there was no F1 promotion there. Then I went to Sungei Wang and Lowyat Plaza. Couldn't find any. Coincidentally, I met jackyfoxking during lunch hour. He told me there were GT girls near Pavillion and Suria KLCC. Looks like he is not only the fox king, but also the buaya king as well!! HAHAHA! (Just kidding fox king ;p)

So after the lunch, I continued my hunting GT girls mission for "buaya" readers. I walked from Bintang Walk to Pavillion. There I really found some kind of F1 promotion, but actually it was Maxis promotion using F1 as hook. Ok, here I saw some GT girls. There were about 4 of them but I just managed to shot 2. The other 2 were too busy serving and persuading customers.

The one in photo below was the most pretty among the GT girls. However, she was quite busy entertaining customers therefore I didn't have much chance to shot her photo. Furthermore, she kept avoiding my camera! Damn! After I put in some efforts, luckily I still managed to shot some. You people should appreciate this photos and don't complain too much! They came hard!

Another one with short hair also kept avoiding my camera lens! Haiyo... why these GT girls so unprofessional one! Their employers didn't teach them how to be professional and friendly then smile in front of camera? Ok... forget about that uncle... you can just concentrate on the GT girls!

After successfully hunted 2 GT girls in Pavillion, I continued my mission by walking to Suria KLCC. Once entered the main lobby of Suria KLCC, The Petronas F1 GP promotion was just in front of me. I saw two GT girls wearing Petronas t-shirt and mini-skirt, each of them stood at the front and the rear of a BMW Petronas Formula 1 car. There were a lot of people surrounded the girls and the car.

After some efforts, I successfully penetrated into the crowd and shot some photos of these GT girls. These girls were more professional if compared to those I found in Pavillion. You can request to take their photo anytime.

This one has a sweet smile. She looks pretty with her smile.

The following photo is even nicer. I saw both of them somehow stood at the same place, therefore I gently requested them to pose in front of my camera. See how sweet when both of them smile! This is what I called professional GT girls!

At the end of the day, I was exhausted! Imagine... from Time Square to Lowyat, then to Sungei Wang, Pavillion and last destination Suria KLCC! I spent whole day hunting for GT girls exclusively for my blog readers! Now my leg is painful, my ankle is ache and I am tired!

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